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Science/Reasearch draft paper (Research Paper Sample)


Please use the reference I attached. Some argue that electric cars protect the environment and that the government should, therefore, offer subsidies and incentives for the manufacturers and consumers of these vehicles. Alternatively, some studies indicate that electric vehicles do not have any positive impact on the environment due to the pollution caused by testing and manufacturing. Build a strong position on the issue of government subsidies and incentives for electric cars, and state whether they should come to an end.


Science/Research draft paper
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The US government recognizes the positive impact that electric cars render to the environment and to the economy. To this effect, many states have resorted to offering subsidies and incentives to increase adoption of electric cars. Some of the incentives include tax credits that range from $1000 to $6000 in Maryland and Colorado respectively. There are about twenty states with pending bills that focus on promoting manufacturers efforts in creating charging stations, creating more parking spaces for electric and hybrid vehicles as well as establishing other monetary support for promoting electric vehicle purchase (Hartman, 2013). These subsidies and incentives are necessary, and governments should continue offering them. Consumers also require knowledge of the distance covered using one charge and battery life as this information influences purchases (Hensley, Knufer, & Krieger, 2011).
Countering overreliance on oil is an important reason why the nation requires instituting incentives and subsidies on the manufacture of electric cars to increase ownership (Hartman, 2013). It was estimated that transportation in the US consumes up to two thirds of the total oil. It was also estimated that almost ninety five percent of all transportation in 2011 was oil dependent. Oil prices are also subject to frequent fluctuations making dependency on oil very unsustainable. Using predictable electric energy in vehicles results has two fold benefits in that they have lower operating costs than the cost of conventional vehicles and it also reduces the impact of oil price fluctuations on the economy (Hartman, 2013). Electricity costs are lower than conventional fuel, and it is reported that a conventional vehicles’ energy consumption of $3.50 is equivalent to an electric vehicles’ energy costing $1.10 (EV World, 2013). Electric vehicles offer variability in charging locations such as places of work or home using renewable energy and solar power (US Department of Energy, 2013).
Using electric cars is also an effective way to lower greenhouse gases emission level. It renders significant changes in areas that have wind ...
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