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Research Methodology And Analysis Report (Research Paper Sample)


Using the research question and hypotheses you developed in your Module 5 Literature Review assignment, write a report outlining the type data you would collect, how you would collect it, and how you would analyze it.
The primary purpose of this Research Methodology Assignment is to give you experience in determining appropriate research methods to be used with the research question and hypotheses you have posed and with the type of data you would need to collect to answer your question. Your report must contain the sections indicated in the assignment instructions, and APA formatting standards must be followed throughout.
Assignment Instructions
Your report must contain the following sections. (Use these sections as headings in your paper.)
Study Design – This is an overview section that includes information from your previous assignments. You should repeat the research question and hypotheses from your literature review assignment here, then briefly tell what type of study you would do, what type of data you would collect, and summarize how you would collect and analyze the data. Most of these points are covered in more detail in later sections.
Population and Sample – This is a short section describing the population for your report, your sample, and how your sample will be selected.
Variables and Measures – Describe the variables in your study. Indicate whether they are independent, dependent, moderating, or intervening. Describe the relationship between the variables. Tell how they will be measured.
Data Collection Methods – Tell what kind of data you need to collect and how, where, and when you will collect the data. If you plan to use a survey or questionnaire, include a copy of that instrument in an appendix to your report. Also, include a copy of your cover letter for your survey. If you plan to interview, tell if it would be structured or unstructured and why. If it is a structured interview, include the questions you would ask in an appendix to the report.
Data Analysis Methods – Describe the techniques you will use to analyze the data. Indicate why you selected those methods and why they are appropriate for your You must be specific and detailed in identifying and justifying the processes and statistical tests you will use in the analysis of your data.
References - Your report must contain a reference section that includes all sources in your paper. References must be in APA format.


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Study Design
A research design refers to methods and procedures that a researcher utilizes in the collection, analysis and measurement of research variables in an attempt to answer research questions. The proposed study will be both descriptive and correlational. A case study design will be used where data from sampled public schools and home based students will be collected and collated. The study will seek to compare home schooled children to those who schooled in the traditional system. The study will be guided by the following research questions:
Research Questions:
1 Does any disparity exist in college entry GPA scores between students who schooled in the traditional system and their home schooled counterparts?
2 Is there any difference in ACT scores between the traditionally schooled and homeschooled students?
3 How do home schooled and traditionally schooled students compare with SAT score performance?
4 Does any difference exist between traditionally schooled students and their home schooled in terms of college entry GPA scores?
5 Is there is any difference between home schooled and traditionally schooled students in terms of their level of socialization?
Research Hypotheses:
H1: There is college entry GPA score disparity between home schooled and traditionally schooled students?
H2: There is a SAT score variance between home schooled and traditional students
H3: There is a difference in ACT scores between home schooled students and their counterparts in the traditional system
H4: There is disparity in high school GPA score between home schooled and traditionally schooled students
H5: Home schooled students and their traditionally schooled counterparts differ in their degree of socialization.
Literature Review Overview
The literature review established a dearth of literature on the comparison between the two schooling systems. The study sets out to bridge the currently existing research gap by comparing the two systems through a longitudinal-case study that will compare a sample of students from both systems based on predetermined measurement criteria. The study will be quantitative as it will involve collection of data to aid in answering the above research questions. The data that will be collected will be quantitative and will be analyzed using quantitative techniques. The dependent variables will be GPA score, ACT test score, college entry GPA and high school GPA. The independent variable will be social skills. The interplay between independent and dependent variables is depicted in the conceptual framework diagram.
Conceptual Framework
Population and Sample
Probability sampling will be used where every home schooled and public student will have an equal chance of being selected for study. Stratified

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