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Iternet and Electronic Communication: Online Marketing (Research Paper Sample)


Write an essay advocating for one position within a debate in a discourse community. This paper can include and expand on material from Paper 3 or it can explore new questions. You should make the strongest case you can for your position with well-reasoned arguments and evidence.
Paper Requirements
In order to receive a passing grade or higher, the paper should:
• Add your voice to the conversation in a discourse community.
• Cite at least eight sources. You can re-use sources from Paper 3, but only three of those sources will count toward the minimum source requirement for this paper. In other words, you need to find five new sources for this paper.
• Sources cited should be persuasive and credible for the discourse community (e.g. authored by fellow members of the community, published in publications aimed at the community, use language common in the community).
• Construct an argument that has a claim, supporting reasons and evidence in the form of research.
• Fairly summarize counterarguments and explain why you disagree.
• Address an audience of people within the discourse community.
Length and Format
• Approximately 1800 words
• APA citation & style format


Online Marketing

Online marketing is an important element to raising awareness, as more people use the internet and electronic communication. Online presence cannot be ignored when marketing activities in businesses and education institutions. Having a network of influence using online platforms can be the difference between been known locally and reaching out to a wider audience. Each online campaign focuses on the client, product or message and the marketing channel to be used when reaching out to the target audience. Online marketing for education institutions is a new phenomenon as they seek to attract more students and address the students’ needs.
The objective of the online marketing campaigns is to increase brand awareness, generate interest among the targeted market, and build influence in online platforms while also connecting with brand evangelist. Changes in the global economy have affected education institutions and their reliance on marketing strategies as they seek to align their marketing efforts with the communication needs/. This extends to provision of up-to-date information, while allowing users to give their feedback. This contrasts with traditional media where feedback is delayed and the marketers may overlook some aspects of the marketing campaigns that have to achieve the intended objectives (Brown & Albright, 2013). This is especially when using social me, as this is a resource to reach out to the public including those who have not been reached.
The online media strategies are expected to increase awareness and online marketing will play a crucial role in ensuring the success of institutions of higher learning. Even though, this is a contentious issue, education institutions increasingly need to align their marketing strategies with students and stakeholders’ needs. Just like business marketing focuses on promotion and process to market services so is the role of online marketing. The education institutions need to manage relationships with various stakeholders by relying on different marketing tools. This extends to price, place, people, promotion and service, marketing in the education sector is not a new idea, but with online marketing there is renewed interest in how to leverage the use of electronic communication.
Online marketing of education institutions highlight the planning and implementation of programs that add value to the students and other stakeholders. There is a need to achieve institutional objectives even as communication, pricing and the distribution supports the marketing initiative. Education institutions are unique than businesses, where the profit motive is a top priority. Even though, marketing focuses on specific strategies regardless of the organizations involved, there are differences since the education institutions primarily seek to impart knowledge and undertake research. Hence, communicating directly with the target audience is critical to the success of marketing initiatives. Students are the primary target audience, while parents, donors, community members, financiers and employers are interested stakeholders who desire quality education without incurring high education costs.
Segmentation in online marketing is equally important to improve results and achieve the marketing objectives. The category of students include in state, out state, high- school graduates, mature students and the international students. Each group of students has different needs and online marketing strategies target them. Marketing is possible when there is some form of exchange, and this is in the form of value associated with the programs. students are committed by spending time and paying tuition fees, but then the institutions have to use positional strategies where possible to different them for other...
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