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Healthy Living Life Style Among Middle Age Research (Research Paper Sample)


You work for a local doctor’s office and have notice more and more patients have been concern about living a healthier life style. Since the office has a monthly newsletter, you decide to write an article to address some of their concerns.

About this Assignment:

In this course, you will use the stages of the writing process to develop a 5 paragraph newsletter article. Each weekly assignment will build upon the prior week using the steps of the writing process as listed below.

About week One

For Week 1, you will follow the first steps of the writing process to: develop an understanding of the purpose and audience. Carefully read the scenario above to help you choose a topic and then begin to brainstorm the main ideas and writing structure for your newsletter article.


Healthy Living Life Style Among Middle Age
Part 1: Understand Purpose and AudienceWhat topic will interest my audience? (Pages 5-9) My target audience are people who want to live a healthier lifestyle ,the most interesting topic that would interest them is healthy diets. Most people would want to adopt healthy diets, but are not sure of where to start . Food gives people pleasure,healthy meals would protect individuals, including their families from acquiring lifestyle diseases and live longer . What is the general age, educational level, and economic status of your audience? (Pages 5-9)My target audience will be individual within the reproductive age from 21 years to 49 years both males and females. I expect to educ...
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