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Educational Institutional Racism Education Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Every panel discussion should give a brief introduction that describes and/or defines institutional racism as it applies to your topic of Education. This should be an opening statement made by a member of the group facilitator or a designee chosen by the group.
Each panel member must participate fully in the discussion. There will be no group grade only individual assessments. The panel discussion activity can be delivered in any creative way decided on by the group but must have the following contents:
1. There must be a clear educational component.
2. There must be handouts for the audience.
3. There must be some form of research data associated with the topic (statistics, studies, graphs etc.)
Creativity is encouraged. Use audio, visual, performance, discussion staged debate in your panel discussion.


Educational Institutional Racism
Educational Institutional Racism
Racism is one of the elements of modern-day slavery that is being experienced in this 21st century. It is manifested within the community in various ways, including individual racism and or institutional racism. Individual racism occurs when an individual engages in an act that is deemed to be despising other people who are of different races. On the other hand, institutional racism, which is also referred to as systematic racism, occurs when social or political institutions engage in activities that express disparities among individuals within a society depending on their races. The variations might be in the form of wealth-income, criminal justice, political power, or even education, among other issues. This presentation shall majorly focus on systematic racism in education and will, therefore, highlight how institutional racism has infiltrated the education system.

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