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Contributions of John Dewey Writing Assignment Paper (Research Paper Sample)


TEXTBOOK : School and Society: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives by Tozer, Violas and Senese. (Most current edition) The history of social foundations seems to be one of eclecticism. No singular texts, no definitive methodology, no "best practice" formulations are to be found. The lack of a foundation within foundations in fact seems to be a foundational theme. In one respect such a lack of calcification fosters an ongoing dialogue within and across educational disciplines, allowing for the questioning, rethinking and reworking of theory and practice. Whether it is approached through diverse disciplines, theoretical perspectives, or pedagogical practices, the social foundations classroom is supposed to help students understand the complex, intertwined, and deep roots of why we do what we do in contemporary schooling.
Please view You Tube Education: John Dewey: American Philosophy & his Importance
to Education. http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=wMh1LYuZ3B4 (about 3 minutes)
Lets briefly look at the foundations: the roots of social foundations in the philosophy and history of education. In the United States. John Dewey was an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose thoughts and ideas have been greatly influential in the United States and around the world. Summarize the contributions of John Dewey in terms of his being the leading representative of the progressive movement in US schooling. Then include discussion on some conflicts over the purpose of education and how it has translated into the classroom.
5-7 pages are expected.
You Tube video and the textbook are expected to be referenced as well as outside resources.
At least four (4) references besides the textbook are expected.
The textbook must be cited in all papers.
A good resource to aid you in your assignments is a website from Rutger's University. It is chock full of excellent CURRENT and PRIMARY resources for this course. http://andromeda(dot)rutgers(dot)edu/~natalieb/socialed.htm
ERIC is the primary database used to identify and locate CURRENT and PRIMARY education-related materials (articles, books, reports, etc


Contributions of John Dewey
Contributions of John Dewey
Born in 1859, the great philosopher John Dewey is known to have contributed to the history of America. Not only did he influence the US education system, but the social reforms and psychology as well. He believed in the hands-on, practical application of all theories and beliefs, a fact that made him known as the founder of pragmatism. Dewey also developed functional psychology and in the US education progressive movement, he served as the leading representative. His ideas were focused on changing the world views through practical means particularly scientific analysis instead of just basing on theory. For these reasons, Dewey contributed in a big way to the US schooling and education all over the world. In order to understand his contributions to education, it is better to have an understanding of Dewey`s definition of the purpose of education. The purpose therefore, is to equip the young individuals with the tools necessary to become informed members of society. And this purpose is applicable universally regardless of where the process of education is taking place.
Experience is one concept that Dewey emphasized on in his works. According to him, the things we engage in make up this experience and as these things are done on a continuous basis, then learning takes place. When learning has been achieved through getting things done then that is what makes up education (Goldblatt 2006). This experience as noted has to occur naturally within the human beings and not outside. It is for this reason that he was against the public schools offering specialized training at an early stage as this denied the children a chance to engage in something they had an interest in (Tozer, Violas, & Senese 2002). According to him education failed to meet its purpose if external interests were used to define the interests of the learners. He also advocated for the prioritizing of any activities that made the child to be energetically involved.
On his part Dewey was a prolific writer who wrote for the public and used the opportunity to address issues of concern. As a leader of the progressive movement, he is recognized for writing for the pubic magazine and other opinion issues on matters like the problems that women were going through. For instance The New Republic was one such magazine he contributed to. Apart from writing for the magazines he also wrote a number of books which tackled wide areas of politics, arts and sciences and he always tried to put all his ideas into action through adopting a practical approach in everything. Basing on this, Dewey believed that all problems could be solved by a combination of human intelligence and applying a practical approach to issues. His ideas in general were meant to democratize education.
Dewey advocated for democratic learning which basically was based on the idea of “learning by doing”. He supported the idea of active learning and viewed the process of schooling as restricting as it did not offer enough time for active participation. In regard to this, emphasis was placed on the importance of using experience as a learning method rather than only depending on memorized facts and theories. To support this belief, Dewey established schools in Chicago together with his wife where processes such as cooking breakfast was taught to children as a way of learning the basics of chemistry, biology and physics. The school served as a laboratory for testing out all the learned theories. This approach led to his idea of schooling to be referred to as progressive education. The main idea behind applying the practical scientific experimental approach was to enable intellectual development by breeding learners who were both critical and ...

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