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Depression and Suicidality Among High School Students Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Reading Assignment :
Learning and Understanding: Improving Advanced Study of Mathematics and Science in U.S. High Schools – National Academic Press
Why Games Work and the Science of Learning – Curtiss Murphy
Conference paper, Modsim World 2011, Virginia Beach, VA
Student-Centered and Dynamic Interfaces that Enrich Technical Learning for Online Science Learners: A Review of the Literature – Susan A. Killian, Dennis E. Beck, Corliss A. O'Bryan, Nathan Jarvis, Edgar C. Clausen, & Philip G. Crandall
Theories of Teaching and Learning: What Do They Mean for Educators? – Suzanne M. Wilson & Penelope Peterson
In the assignments for this course, you will develop a health and wellness change initiative based on theories and principles of learning. Individual components of your change initiative will be submitted in each module. Your final project, to be submitted in Module 5, will consist of (1) a plan for a change initiative reflective of multiple theories of learning, including behaviorism, cognition, and social constructivism and (2) an appendix containing planning documents created during the course of the assignments.
Create a paper of three or more pages (not including the title and references pages) in a Word document for your response. Use APA format.
Create a title page and references page in APA format.
Follow the steps to complete the assignment.
Step 1. Brainstorm ideas about a health and wellness topic of interest you would like to research and to which you can relate the principles/theories of learning.
Step 2. Identify your target population. (25-35 year old, has a job and family )This topic can address an individual or a group and can be drawn from your current workplace setting.
Step 3. Create a concept map illustrating your topic of interest.
Step 4. Identify and list three issues or problems within your topic of interest. Establish the issue or problem through existing data, interviews, surveys, etc.
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Step 5. Create a graphic to match the issues or problems to three theories or principles of learning to help guide you in addressing the needs of the target population experiencing the problem or issue.
For example, you work with geriatric populations, and you find that the staff is not receiving adequate training. What has been the result of this lack of training? What principles of learning could you apply toward improving the training/learning experience of employees, thus increasing the overall health and well-being of geriatric individuals?
Step 6. Select one issue or problem from those identified in Step 4. Compose a paper capturing the issue or problem and its impact on the target population.
Paragraph 1: Introduce the health and wellness issue or concern generated within your topic of interest and the impacted target population. Provide data support for pursuing this issue or problem.
Paragraph 2: Explain the theories and/or principles of learning you can use to address this issue or problem.
Paragraph 3: Stress preliminary connections you see between the theories and principles of learning and the resolution of the issue or problem.
Paragraph 4: Project the impact of culture, environment, and individual learning styles on the target population and the proposed initiative.
Paragraph 5: Conclude your paper by describing the impact of identifying this issue or problem can potentially have on the target population.
Create a References page in APA format.


Course Code:
Depression and Suicidality Among High School Students
In 2019, CDC published a report on suicidal ideation and behavior and established that suicide is the second leading cause of death among high school students after unintentional injuries CITATION Ive20 \l 1033 (Ivey-Stephenson, et al., 2020). The report shows that trends in suicide attempts had increased. The report also shows that in 2019 a total of 18.8% of students seriously considered suicide and among them 8.9% followed through with their plans. The CDC also noted that the prevalence of suicide was higher among LGBTQ students which stood at 54.2%. These figures highlight the problem of depression among teenagers. If 8.9% of the surveyed students attempted suicide, that is nearly nine for every 100 students. For suicide to become the second leading killer among high school students, there must have been a structural issue that has been left unchecked, and it is claiming so many young lives.
Suicide is a least a product of stress, and therefore, can be understood as a learned behavior. Social learning theory states that learning is a cognitive process. An individual learns new behaviors by observation and imitating others. Further, the theory also points out that learning occurs through observation of the rewards and punishments.

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