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Why Clothing: Using For Protection & Identification (Research Paper Sample)


double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12-point font. Information of all kinds, whether directly quoted or used as reference, including books, magazines, images and websites, must be properly cited throughout your work. All papers must include two appendices, Supporting Images and Works Cited, separate from the body of your paper.
4-6 pages
A. An introductory paragraph that includes your thesis statement (three arguments) that answers the question “Why Clothing?”
B. Three supporting points to your thesis (3-6 paragraphs), including current and historical research and analysis and a current designer/brand as an example, using in-text APA citations.
C. Conclusion statement that restates three arguments and ties all ideas together cohesively. (No new information.)
2-4 pages
D. Appendix: 3+ images to support examples provided using proper APA image citations.
E. Appendix: APA Works Cited (at least three references from newspapers, journals and books)
3+ references from newspapers, journals and books) 3+ references for images used
Please note that this assignment is divided into three assignments:
1) Introduction – PART A – typewritten into template; hard copy reviewed in class
2) 3 Supporting Points – PART B – typewritten into template; hard copy reviewed in class 3) Full Paper – PART C – essay format, submitted via SafeAssign on BlackBoard


Why Clothing?
Why Clothing?
Some of the things people do in life are important in determining the way they are judged by others. These things can influence the kinds of interactions that people have. On most occasions, a person may take for granted their own personal appearance. The first impression that a person has of you will be influenced by your appearance. The way a person looks is determined by how they are clothed and this may make people want to know more about you or completely lose interest in you. There are different kinds of cloths that people wear and they serve different purposes. Therefore, in this essay, I argue that clothing is needed for protection, identification, and for status.
Using Clothing for Protection
People work in different environments, others working in more harmful conditions. For those working in dangerous environments, they need cloths specially designed for them to help in protecting them against harm. Within the textile industry, protective clothing is now a major part. According to Khalil (2015), protective clothing refers to garments and “fabric-related” items that are meant to protect wearers from harmful environmental effects that may lead to injuries or death. The hazards that people under separate circumstances face are different and therefore, no single type of clothing can be used to provide absolute protection against harmful environments. The pressure on chemical industries to ensure that their employees are protected is ever on the rise.
There is need to ensure that protective clothing are developed in an effective manner. The growing concerns about health safety have raised the concern on protective clothing. Besides, technological advancement has ensured that more complicated clothing suited for various conditions can be designed. The emphasis on using cloths to ensure the protection of humans on a daily basis has been on the rise be it on recreation, occupations and other activities that may present life hazards. Hazards are on the rise each and more complicated clothing are designed to help in combating them. The purpose of these complex clothing systems is to provide improved protection (Dammacco, Turco & Glogar, 2012). Even though the primary goal of the clothing is to ensure protection, they should also be designed in such a way that they maintain comfort and improve efficiency and well-being. Besides, they should maintain the right balance of trends, fashion, aesthetics and cultural aspects (Dammacco, Turco & Glogar, 2012).
Without protective clothing, employees would be more worried about protecting themselves rather than performing. This will reduce their productivity and the overall performance of a company. Using clothing to ensure the safety of employees is a business goal that every company where the working environment can be hazardous must pursue. The design of protective clothing should depend on the environment that the wearers work. If employees work in hot environments, it should be determined if the clothing they wear would enable them to breathe easily and efficiently. Some of the clothing may be too huge but they should not greatly hamper the abilities of employees to move easily (Khalil, 2015).
In the U.K, there is “anchor safety” brands.
Using Clothing for Identification
Clothing has been used to identify people of different occupations, companies, cultures and so much more. Certain types of clothing with distinct colors have been used over the years. Therefore, with these clothing, it makes it easy for others to identify them even in a crowd and they would instantly know what their occupation is.
The medical profession is synonymous with white coats. Most health professionals...

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