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Research Position Paper: Components Of A Blender (Research Paper Sample)


This assignment asks that you select a technical object and write a description of its looks, features, and functions. In completing this assignment, you will learn how to define and describe a technical object to someone who has little knowledge with it. 

When selecting a technical object there are some objects that are not allowed for this assignment. These included: smartphones, pocket calculators, video game console or controllers, and fitness trackers due to the internet having easily available technical specifications of these items. Also, you cannot use any of the four objects---lamp, can opener, scissors, toothbrush---that were used on the Unit 2 Discussion Board. You are not to copy/paste and cite someone else's technical specifications of an object. That is not the point of this assignment. Rather, you are to conduct the measurements yourself and conduct light research. 

Assignment Guidelines:  

You will choose your own topic (with exception of the not allowed technical objects listed in the previous section) for this assignment. The subject of your description must be a technical object (e.g., clock radio, stapler, tongs, blender, food processor, etc). Because you must accurately describe an object in at least 500 words, do not pick something too simple such as a paper clip. Choose a topic that is complex but manageable. Once you have identified a technical object, research it. Take time to learn about what the parts are called, and how the parts work. This might require you to read background information or otherwise inform yourself about the topic.


Research Position Paper
A blender is a kitchen or a laboratory device which is mainly used for mixing or emulsifying foods as well as other substances. Ordinarily, a blender has several parts that include the jar; this is the main component where the items to be blended are put, and it can be made of plastic or glass. The jar base is the round element which has a hole at the center and screws onto the bottom of the jar. Other constituents are the blades which are strategically positioned at the top of the jar base and are typically made of stainless steel. The clutch is attached to the motor. The base is also a crucial part that houses the motor which is responsible for turning the blades. Lastly, the lid is used to cover the top when the blender is in use. The hole on top of the lid helps when adding more substances without opening the entire lid. In the kitchen, blenders may be used to make beverages, desserts, grinding meat and sauce among other food substances. A blender uses all the components explained above to grid and blend items into the desired contents.
Components of a blender
The blender jar
It is also known as the cap; it is the part where ingredients are placed, and it is often made of plastic. However, for expensive models the cap is made of glass. It is important to note that the jars exist in different sixes which range between twenty, forty-eight, sixty-four and seventy-two ounces. The base of the jar is open, and this makes it possible for the blades to perform its functions effectively.
The jar base
The nut is a circular component which houses both the upper part if the motor and the blade assembly; the blades are generally placed on top of the jar base. In most cases, this part is usually screwed to the blender jar.
This is one of the essential parts of the blender since it is responsible for all the crushing, stirring, grinding and all o

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