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History and background. Job and Career opportunities (Research Paper Sample)


The paper topic: The topic should relate to a career opportunity within the hospitality industry. It should be a hospitality career that you would possibly pursue after graduation.
The final paper is approximately 3-5 pages. This in addition to the title page or references.
The paper includes a cover page with:
Name: Date:
Hospitality Industry Career Topic :
A picture that represents the topic
Paper Format: The paper is typed in Times, New Roman, double spaced and 12-point font. It has a title page and ends with a reference page. Proper grammar and spelling are important.
The paper included headings for each section. The headings for each section on the paper include these points and they are completely described:
History and/or background of the chosen hospitality industry area.
Job and Career Opportunities
Threats and/or Challenges for Industry Success
Current Trends and/or Issues
Future outlook of industry area
Quality content.
The introduction paragraph should describe the career in the hospitality industry and explain why you selected this topic and your interest in the topic.
Each topic area is well described and covers the issues related to each area.
Use APA style for both the in-text and endnote references. All sited work must have a reference for where you found the information. See the APA style guide sheets for more information.


Student name
Institutional affiliation
An area of hospitality I would love to serve as a specialist after graduation is as a hotel manager. I understand that it is a prominent place and with high power. I also understand that with high power comes significant responsibilities and am trusting the process. I like this area a lot because it means that I will be in charge of practically all hotel operations. The fact that I get to receive guests and ensure they get the best of services is a reward enough. As a hotel manager, it will also fall on me to supervise standards and ensure quality in all hotel operations and hotel staff. 

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