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Issue of Food Safety in China Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


The topic is choose unethical behavior/corruption in the country. And I want write about food safety problem in China.
I will put the article requirements, scoring standards, Pham Van formats and my proposal into the attachment. Articles need to have four sources. One source to extract from the book in the annex. The other three can be any from the Internet.
Please use this PASSage as an source in my essay.
China's Corrupt Food Chain:


Issue of Food Safety in China
Institution Affiliation
Issue of Food Safety in China
Background Information
In recent years, China has been rocked by several scandals of food safety with more than 500, 000 violations in 2016 (Reuters, 2016). Officials have unveiled a series of scandals inclusive of contaminated rice with heavy metals, and the incorporation of recycled oil in hotels, and the presence of lethal melamine amount in baby formulas. The Chinese administration conducted a research and found that various companies were using counterfeit ingredients and products and selling food that is contaminated. Due to incentives by the government to downplay or cover up issues associated with political and social stability, it is difficult to rate the extent of the problems of food safety in China. A report by an Asian development bank in 2007 made an estimation that approximately 300 million people are affected by foodborne infections annually (Huang, China's Worsening Food Safety Crisis, 2012).
Due to an increase in concerns by the public, the government developed the Food Safety Law. It was effective from 2009 and provided the prohibition of the use of additives that are unauthorized (Huang, 2012). In 2012, the government directed the provincial authorities to increase penalties for illegalities in food safety (Huang, 2012). The implementation of these policies has been impaired by corruption and inefficiency. The underdevelopment of the capabilities of institutions in China and a civil society that is weak are an impediment to the enforcement of the laws and policies guiding food safety. In China, the associations in the food industry are under direct control and regulation by the government and a committee from the communist party (Thompson & Ying, 2007). The structure is top-down and does not allow for adequate representation of the corporations.
The absence of food safety results in death and foodborne infections. Food poisoning resulting from poor safety procedures conducted all over the world is a major issue of concern. China is one of the biggest exporters of processed food and therefore the safety measures used in the processing plants are supposed to be efficient. In the process of food processing the incorporation of various ingredients and chemicals result in food poisoning. The country is faced with corrupt practices from the local to the central government level, which results in the illegal production of unsafe food.
Food safety has recently become a problem of concern in China, including varying risks among products which present different levels and kinds of threats to people from sources inclusive of viruses, bacteria, parasites, growth hormones, chemicals and veterinary drugs (FORHEAD, 2014). Reports from the media have focused on extreme poisoning case

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