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Feasibility Study (Research Paper Sample)

Develop a feasibility study for an original business idea. A feasibility study is a structured and systematic analysis of the various aspects of a proposed entrepreneurial venture designed to determine its feasibility. The study must demonstrate the basic market, operational and economic viability of the proposed concept as well as the support needed for the venture. Please note you are not developing a full business plan but only conducting a feasibility study. Original business ideas may be chosen from one of the following: Come up with an original concept for your own entrepreneurial, growth-oriented venture. Identify an opportunity for entrepreneurship within your own organization. Invent something that can be sold or licensed to an existing company. source..
FEASIBILITY STUDY Name:             Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (29 July 2011) Feasibility Study of Sustainable Transport Fuels from Local Woodland for East Sussex Most ethanol in some parts of the world like in Brazil is being sold in a blended fuel comprising of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline. The markets for the blends fell in 2001, by the time the ethanol rack prices started rising at a rate that is faster as compared to gasoline rack prices. However, since 2002, the products share market has been raising due to: bio-fuel availability, pump’s prices as well as strong demands. The number of petrol stations offering blended fuels has been in the rise since 2002, increasing the availability of ethanol blended fuels. Concerning the issue of pump prices, ethanol blended fuel pumps’ prices have become much favorable as compared to regular unleaded gasoline pump prices when crude oil prices were increasing. There have been upsurges in interest of using Biofuels for transport for many reasons. For instance, the transport sector of UK mainly depends on oil, whose reserves are located in politically volatile regions, so, the process of diversifying into renewable alternatives makes strategic senses. In addition, the directives given by EU concerning the issue of Biofuels has presented Biofuels levels that ought to be blended with petrol as well as diesel. As a result, the UK government has to make decide on ways of adhering to this directive, and sis expected to consult on the same issue. Putting environmental issues into consideration, Biofuels have the ability of offering prospects of lower carbon emission according to well-to-wheel grounds. Both agricultural interests, local authorities along with rural communities are much concerned with Biofuels’ potentiality in sustaining local economies. Last but not least, motorists already have the opportunity of buying blended bio-diesel along with Bio-petrol in some regions in UK. Such like products are being promoted as they are environmentally friendly as a compared regular petrol and diesel. Generally, the benefits of devoting big tracts of countryside to grow oilseeds to be used in the production of Bio-Diesel, or even grains like wheat, beat, woody crops among others to be used in the production of bio-ethanol are still questionable. Apart from emission reduction, there is still issue concerning the use of pesticides, compaction of soils as well as biodiversity. However, well managed local wood lands can effectively produce liquid fuels to be used in transport. According Fuelling Road Transport: Implication for Energy Policy report, there are advantages from using Bio-Petrol and Bio-ethanol from annual crop production to take over from oil based fuels. But the studies have proved that, “using woody biomass for energy could give more significant carbon benefits. The authors suggest that 25% of UK agricultural land planted with indigenous wood crops converted to methanol, ethanol or hydrogen could in the long term satisfy most, or even all, UK road transport fuel demand. A more likely scenario is that Biofuels will be imported, but that there will be some locally-grown contribution to the UK energy mix,” (Eyre, Fergusson & Mills, 2002). The main idea of coming up with sustainable transport fuels in East Sussex is aiming at restarting the management of some currently unmanaged woodland. In one way or the other, this will lead to rural development along with biodiversity advantages apart from reduced carbon emissions produced from local road transport. There will be conversion of forest products into industrial alcohols which will then be blended with petrol then used applied in the current car fleet. Just like any other fuel from forest products which are renewable, this kind of fuel will also be will reduce carbon emissions resulting from road transport. It will also ...
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