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Technology Will Obliterate The Natural Human Reproduction Process (Research Paper Sample)


In the final paper, your task is to produce a long-form trade journal style article intended for a general, technology-interested readership. As a reference for tone and readership, see Wired Magazine, or MIT Technology Review. Your paper is to be long-form, meaning longer and more in-depth than a typical online article. On paper, this translates to ~8 pages in length, single spaced, 11 pt. font.
In this paper, you will be making an informed prediction about a topic related to the role of technology in the future. The paper should aim to persuade the reader that, while speculative, that there is good reason to believe that this prediction may not only be true, but is an issue worth caring about.
The prediction can be on anything related to technology and it's impact on society, business, education, or any other area of significant interest. You can also choose multiple predictions, so far as they relate to one another in a coherent way. "Future" can be defined on any timescale, from a few years into the future, to centuries.
Importantly, the paper should aim to strike a balance between two (potentially competing) forces: the novelty of the claim (nobody has said this before, and its a new way to think about the future of technology), and the rigorousness of the claim (there is good reason to believe this prediction may come true). Ideally, the goal is to produce a paper takes a maximally novel and interesting claim, while at the same time being intellectually justified.


Technology will obliterate the Natural Human Reproduction Process
Technology will obliterate the Natural Human Reproduction Process
Technology has had a great impact in enhancing human reproduction and as such, it has gained momentum in the last several decades, thus promising to change the future of human reproduction as we now know it. Evidently, there have been questions and speculations that technology will be the end of human beings not only because of the growth and development in the artificial intelligence (AI) field but also due to the progress in the field of genetics. There is fear that these fields can bring forth a new species of super-humans which will overtake and finally wipe out the human race. Such speculations, while unverified, are based on the current trends in the modern world. However, before we get there, I believe that technology will first obliterate the natural human reproduction process. In most cases, a technology that is designed to improve the lives of human beings can have some unintended consequences, which could either be negative or positive. There have been several technological advancements in the field of human reproduction which, coupled with other technologies, have impacted not only reproduction but also human sex life. These technologies, some of which have had unintended consequences on the nature of human reproduction, will not only form the basis of but will also justify this prediction.
Before proceeding, it is imperative that I give a little background on the topic. The natural human reproduction process entails a number of activities.The absence of any of the activities mentioned hereafter will characterize an unnatural human reproduction process. Naturally, human beings reproduce sexually, a process which involves sexual intercourse between a male and a female. As such, the fertilization of the egg by the sperm happens internally and the embryo ends up acquiring one half of each parent’s DNA. However, over the past several years, technology has enhanced, either intentionally or unintentionally, the alteration of this process. In some cases, technology has made it possible for human beings to reproduce without internal fertilization and in other cases, it has created situations that inhibit the ability of human beings to engage in sexual intercourse, as will be revealed later in this paper. There are also prospects that technology will enable human beings to determine which part of their DNA they transfer to their offspring in the near future, given that such technology has been tested on other species. Given this background information, it is time now to address each technological factor that will contribute to the total removal of the natural reproduction process, as follows;
Sex Robots
The rise of sex robots has raised a fierce debate not only among religious groups but also among the medical field, especially in relation to ethics. In addition, there have been fears that sex robots will destroy the marriage institution. The imminent danger, however, relates to the effect that sex robots will have on the natural reproduction process of human beings. Sexual intercourse between male and female serves two purposes; reproduction and pleasure. Sex robots will serve the second purpose and given that sexual intercourse is not necessary for reproduction in our current generation, there will be no other need to engage in the act, even for the healthy group of people without any reproduction problems. While there are currently no fully functioning sex robots, technology advancements will ensure that they exist in the near future. Any technological innovation or invention is usually aimed at filling an existing gap or making life easier and interesting for human beings. That is why AIs ...

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