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Social Judgment Theory (Research Paper Sample)

One resource must be an artifact that describes the theory. Such as a video clip, song, you tube video ect.... Should be no longer then 5 minutes. Summarize: Briefly (i.e., in one paragraph) summarize the chief points of the theory. · Describe: Describe what happens in the artifact, such that a person who has never seen the artifact could understand what it is “about.” · Connect: In the core portion of your paper, you will explicitly connect the theory to the artifact. From your paper, it should be crystal clear exactly how the artifact demonstrates the theory. Excellent papers will be exceedingly specific about which parts of the artifact are connected to which portions of the theory. · Contrast: In this section, you will consider another theory that could also apply to the artifact. Contrast the insight provided by this theory with the insight provided by your main theory. · Evaluate: In the final portion of your paper (at least one full paragraph), you will reflect on the connection between the artifact and the theory. As you reflect, evaluate either (a) the theory, (b) the artifact, or (c) both. For example, to evaluate the theory, you might ask: Does any aspect of the artifact challenge any portion of the theory? What elements of the artifact don't fit the claims of the theory? Or, if you're evaluating the artifact, you might ask: What advice does the theory give for the people described in the artifact? If your artifact is a fictional example, does the theory suggest that any elements of the artifact aren't “true-to-life”? · Discussion questions: On a separate page at the end of your paper, include at least three discussion questions for your class presentation. Please note that these are not review questions; in other words, you should not simply quiz the class about the theory's vocabulary. Rather, these questions should provoke reflective, thoughtful discussion between class members. As you think of effective discussion questions, you might reflect on matters such as (a) the theory's context, (b) the theory's history, (c) the theory's metatheoretical tradition (listed in the upper right at the start of each chapter), (d) the theory's strengths and weaknesses, including the critiques offered by Em Griffin, (e) the theory's connections, similarities, or differences with other theories in the course, and (f) the theory's ethical assumptions and implications. source..

Social Judgment Theory
Summary of the Social Judgment Theory
Social judgment theory can be described as a communication model. It tries to explain when a persuasive communication is most likely to result into a change of perspective. The theory outlines the conditions under which the changes take place and then predicts the direction and extent of the change of attitude (Hovland, Carl, Sherif, Muzafer 1961, qtd in Littlejohn & 2008, p. 73).
The chief point of the social judgment theory is that a judgmental process achieves attitude change. Eventually, persuasion occurs where a person understands the message and compare with the person’s opinion on the given issue. A person's position is influenced by the person‘s most preferred position, i.e. the person's ego on the prevailing circumstances. The attitude scale is pre-set in the human mind before receiving the persuasive message and is composed of three divisions (Dainton & Zelley, 2010, p. 105). These divisions include: latitude of acceptance, latitude of non-commitment, and latitude of rejection. The latitude of acceptance is the range of positions a person is ready to agree or accept. Latitude of non-commitment contains a range of ideas and opinions indifferent to the person's mindset. Latitude of rejection is where all ideas and opinions in this area are the ones that the individual finds unacceptable. A greater degree of rejection latitude makes the individual more involved in the issue and hence the harder it is to persuade that individual (Dainton & Zelley, 2010, p. 105).
Artifact describing the theory:  HYPERLINK "/watch?v=dMHzXNtocEQ" /watch?v=dMHzXNtocEQ
The artifact is about different people responding to the same situation involving a club that has allowed eighteen year olds to attend. The cartoon video is used to illustrate the current issue and some explanations given about the relationship with the theory. The situation is about a club known as Price W...
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