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Americas Project Censored Assignment Paper (Research Paper Sample)


I have also attached the PERSONAL LOCUS part!!!!
Strengthen Your Personal locus
Remember that your locus is a combination of an awareness of your goals and the drive and energy to search out information and experiences to attain those goals. Therefore, you need to analyze your goals. What really makes you happy? What do you really want to achieve in life? Are the answers to these questions things that have been programmed by the media? Think about where those answers came from and how comfortable you are with those answers. Also, you need to increase your willingness to expend mental effort. We all have expectations about the appropriate amount of mental effort that is necessary to read a book, listen to a lecture, or watch television. Compared to print, TV elicits lower expectations about mental effort. The amount of invested mental effort (AIME) while viewing is a voluntary matter (Salomon, 1981). Because we can control our mental effort, we can also control the degree of our learning. The greater the mental effort expended, the higher the comprehension, learning, and eventual recall.
I'm okay with any CENSORED NEWS story of your choosing, something recent would be nice, thanks!!!
you would need the book censored 2017 to check the format of it.
o   Paper must be typed 2 single spaced pages. 
o   Must use the same format as the stories found in Chapter One of the Project Censored text:  Title of “News Story” and then the sources (at least two) that were used before the essay begins. (See Chapter One for a visual of the format.)
 Please remember that these stories will be judged on their importance to citizens in a democratic society.  
 Ask yourself: How does NOT having this information affect citizens who live in a democratic society? What are the social and political implications for NOT knowing about your topic?
Finding a “censored” news story can be accomplished in a number of ways.
I suggest looking at sites such as Democracy Now,  The Dredge Report, The Weekly Standard, Nation of Change, Mother Jones, Human Events, Human Rights Watch, Z Magazine,, Center for Media and Democracy, Democracy Now, Buzzfeed, Alternet, Rise of Alt-Right Movement, Southern Poverty Law Center, The Nation, and to begin (some of these can be found in print or on-line, most often both). There are countless other alternative news sites from a variety of political perspectives.
 Several international newspapers have an English version available: La Monde (France), The Guardian (England), even El Jazzera has an English edition. 
 I also recommend that if you have an idea, follow your own thread of inquiry using Google or other data bases such as Lexus/Nexus.
Look at the sources used for the stories in Ch. 1 of the PC Text for more ideas.  
 Some topics I am concerned about : Voting Machines, Voter Suppression, Gerrymandering of Voters, Halliburton Corporation, Blackwater  Private Military Corporation, Private Prisons/Detention Centers (i.e. CCA Corporation), Sexual Assault of U.S. Military Women, Lobbyists, Internet Neutrality, Border Patrol Violence, Health Care, U.S. Military Veteran's Benefits and Health care, Wall Street and Deregulation, Global Warming, and Depleted Uranium, the removal of Environmental Protections by the Trump Administration, Female Reproductive Rights, Nazi Advisers in our current Presidential Administration, Fake News, Russian Interference with our Election and Conflicts of Interest, The Genocide in Syria, New Regulations Regarding Public Education...- to name a few.                   


America is one of the countries that prides in the civil liberties of all the persons that come across the borders. For longest time the democracy card has been waved around even in the international platforms. This is with reference to the fact that the united states have been involved in advocating the rest of the world to adopt democratic practices. This is with reference to helping most of the countries find their bearing with reference to democratic rights of the people. This does not just mean that persons that are citizens are the only ones that have rights as human beings. Rather, much of the civil rights covers any person that comes across the US borders. As such, this has been an issue that would be considered nonnegotiable when it comes to the civil rights in America and for persons that are seeking refuge in the country much of their hope is pegged on the fact that they have heard of the civil rights of all the people that live in the US (Olsen, 2017). As such, for immigrants, this is a heaven that they would want to try and escape the hell from wherever they are coming from. This without considering whether they are coming in as war refugees or simply looking for greener pastures. One of the issues that been quite dicey is on the immigrants coming in to the country illegally. This is an issue that draws some very heated debates with most of the citizens feeling that the immigrants come in to take away their jobs as they are ready to work for less. Ironically, the immigrants also have their struggles and they are trying to make their lives better and that of their families even better by providing for them. One of the most dicey issues surrounding this topic is that of the immigrants coming in from Mexico. However, there is an aspect that is to be considered and one that related to the detention centers where the immigrants are placed before their fate is decided. For most of the media reports, the news about the immigrants are sensational and they want to make sure that the citizens are against the element of letting the immigrants as much of the euphoria dicatates along with what the politicians raise on the news podiums (Olsen, 2017). However, very few news items will ever include the fact that most of the immigrant’s experience horror stories. At the detention centers, some of the immigrants have confessed to having been sexually assaulted an issue that never reaches the media centers and the rest of the public.
‘While walking to meet her lawyer, R. Santos was told she would be sexually assaulted "one-on-one" by the immigration officer escorting her at the York County Jail in Pennsylvania. But when she filed a sexual harassment complaint against the officer shortly after his threat, the prison put her in solitary confinement, "as retaliation" she says, for eleven days — an ordeal that still haunts her. "He reminded me that I was under his control and, at that moment, I was, because no one could hear or see us and he could have done anything to me," said Santos, asking her first name be withheld for fear of more retaliation. "And what did I get for reporting him? I got put in the hole.’ (Ali, 2017)
In this case we find that, the victim had even been threatened that they would be assaulted. When she fills out a sexual harassment report she place in solitary confinement. Later on she sexually abused continually as a way of making sure that she never again talks about what goes on in the cells. Fear is instilled in her by persons that are supposed to protect her.
What is more important to note is that, t...
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