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Group-Related Communications Theories Writing Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


Personal Group Evaluation: Write an investigative paper that applies group-related communication theories to a selected group.


Group-Related Communications Theories
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Theories determine the way we see, think, and interpret the world and the actions we take. Groups work in a social and relational manner. Quality communication such as the members sharing information and helping one another is important than individual strengths on their own concerning better decision making and the actions taken. However, the quality of the communication in groups determines the level of participation and positive attitude portrayed by the members (Backlund, 2001). There are four main theories namely functional theory, structuration theory, natural paradigm and symbolic convergence theory.
Let's take an example of a marketing group consisting 5 group members. The members are Jack, Mary, Anthony, Evans, and mercy. They are responsible for planning and managing all their activities. The company they work for gives them the financial and equipment they need according to their requests. Although they are given all the liberty to manage themselves, they have to report their results back to the company. This group has divided defined roles amongst each member.
Jack is the group leader and is assisted by Mary, Anthony is in charge of their finances. Evans is in charge of the team's planning and logistics during group activities, and Mercy is the disciplinarian and also the analyst for the group activities. This group is permane

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