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CSI Miami and Law & Order: Categories & Production (Research Paper Sample)


Also, I will attached my powerpoint presentation I made just to help out with anything. Hope all of this information is very helpful.
Aside from the Final Paper Requirements, I will attached another sheet of more hopeful information to use in the paper please reference to the book, it's very important, and also feel free to use other information to make it better.
Final Paper Requirements
Papers must apply concepts from Gray's Watching Race to explain how scene components of the TV programs you compare contribute to representations of race, class, or ethnicity.
Papers must be 8-10 pages (not including the bibliography)
Use scene component analysis to support all of the points you make--present examples of components such as dialogue, stories, characterization, acting, settings, costumes, themes, etc.
You must use the following four sections in your paper in the order listed. Title each section with the underlined words:
Categories of Representation: Using examples of scene components (dialogue, stories, characterization, acting, settings, costumes, themes, etc.), discuss how the components of a scene in your TV program fit or differ from Gray's 3 categories of representation of race, class, or ethnicity (assimilationist, pluralist, and multicultural--Ch. 5, pages 84-89).
Representations and Production Conventions: Discuss components of the scenes you have analyzed that reflect changing or historical production conventions of the TV production culture.
Authenticity of Representations: Explain how your scene components produce representations of race, class, or ethnicity that are or are not authentic in regard to Gray's discussion of authentic representations.
Representations and Popular Culture: Examine scene components to explain how representations of race, class, or ethnicity in your TV program reflect either or both of Gray's comments that television representations “are socially and culturally rooted someplace and are in dialogue with very real issues” (Gray, p. 55) and “operate on the basis of a popular awareness and general common sense about the currents adrift in society” (Gray, p. 58).
Papers are graded on quality not effort.
RESEARCH PROJECTS AND PAPERS: You must write one 8-10 page analytical research paper based on your television research. Each paper must total 8-10 pages plus a list of readings cited (12 point font, numbered pages, no cover page, APA citation style). This final paper must apply key concepts discussed in the course readings and class sessions to the analysis of the components of scenes of television programs. Components include: plot, story, dialogue, settings, costumes, etc. The paper must compare a U.S. television drama or comedy produced before 1995 with the same genre of U.S. program produced after 2005 in order to examine representations of race, ethnicity, or social class. The papers must apply concepts from course readings to explain how the components of scenes contribute to themes of the program that shape those representations


CSI Miami and Law & Order
Since the inception of the media production and broadcasting, there have been quite some developments on that front. The age of television series production has certainly been at the forefront of the developments that have been taking place in this field. There more TV shows and series than one would care to count. Each and even show comes with its own set of themes and objectives, setting, cast and costumes among others. More often than not, people will have some favorite shows that they watch from time to time. The different shows will achieve differently, the elements of race, class and ethnicity when evaluated against the Gray's watching review, relative to categories representation (Gray, 2004). At the same time, there are different representations and production conventions that are achieved by the different directors. Authenticity of the representation of the various aspects also comes to question as different directors will apply different techniques. At the same time the elements associated with the popular culture representation when evaluated against the race, class and ethnicity aspects will reveal very unique social and cultural dialogue issues. Of interest in this evaluation are the shows CSI Miami and Law & Order. These are both American drama series and they mimic the general practices and process in the fields of law and order finding justice for the victims of various crimes, apprehending the criminals and finding the motives of the various crimes all in different approaches.
The two shows bring out some elements of categories representation that are quite unique to the themes that they trying to drive to their audiences. In reference to the components of social class, race and ethnicity, there is a common theme that can be identifies in the two shows ("Race, ethnicity, and policing - From The Square", 2018). Most of the characters in their stories are largely Caucasian and the rest of the races are represented in very few incidences. This connects to the element of how justice system is viewed in the United States. Most of the people in the justice system are Caucasian and only a few are minority. This would explain why aspects such as police brutality are associated with whites intimidating the other minorities such as the blacks in the society. At the same time the show use most of the characters that are in their middle class. Generally this depicts the officers who are working the cases, in the mid of the career development. As such, these will be people in the middle class even economically as they build their professions. Generally, most of the superiors who are few will be at the top of the career, but then they represent a small number. In the case of the victims however most of them are in the higher and lower social classes. Ideally, crime relates to the lower classes attacking the higher classes or the vice versa. This is a common trend that tends to indicate rivalry between the two classes. From an overall point of view, the two shows have some high level of professionalism when it comes to the representation of the roles and the stories. The idea being to represent the al the facets of the life of a detective including romance, caring, drama in reference to work life balance to mimic a real job and life. This is also the case when it comes to the costumes given that, when it comes to the Law & Order which is has its settings in the city of new York, there is a mimic of the cold weather, relative to the warm clothes ("Law & Order (TV Series 1990–2010)", 2018). In the case of the CSI Miami, the opposite is true, where light clothes are used by the cast along with the formal uniforms. The storylines are associated with the basic...

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