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Communicational Changes Between Parents and Children. Social Essay (Research Paper Sample)


I have finished the research part and please use the sources and the outline I provided to finish this paper.
please focus on the communication between parents and kids, their communication is not only one way but they also have other methods to communicate because of the developnent of technolgy. They can negotiate and discuss, not like the old days.
let me know if you have any question .


Interpersonal Guidebook Overall Assignment

As a class, we will develop an Interpersonal Communication Guidebook. This guidebook will offer suggestions for effective ways of engaging in interpersonal communication and interpersonal relationships. Each student will be responsible for writing a chapter of this guidebook and at the end of the term I will assemble each chapter into an iBook and PDF. Each chapter will focus on a particular aspect of interpersonal communication, for example: relationship formation, relationship dissolution, parent-child communication, relational maintenance, and/or other interpersonal communication concepts. The chapters will begin by providing a background of that concept, citing relevant research, and then providing suggestions for how to effectively engage in that aspect of IPC. While the final guidebook chapter is due at the end of the term, we will have several checkpoints throughout the term to make sure that everyone is making progress on their respective chapters. To accommodate this structure, I have broken down the overall assignment into smaller portions, thus they appear as separate assignments. Each of these separate assignments will give you, the student, a chance to apply your understanding of IPC theory and research by creating an original work that demonstrates your mastery of IPC.

Learning Objectives

Through the Interpersonal Communication Guidebook, you will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of IPC theories and processes.
  • Build connections between IPC theories and current work in the field.
  • Summarize, synthesize, and critique IPC theories and research.
  • Develop an acceptable chapter, grounded in interpersonal communication theory and research, for inclusion in the Interpersonal Communication Guidebook.

Chapter Sections

Each chapter should have the following sections:

  • Background-This section identifies the interpersonal communication theory or relevant concept, by citing applicable work, and provides an explanation of the main tenants of that concept/theory.
  • Research-The research section provides an overview of some of the research findings pertaining to this concept/theory. I do not expect you to do a literature review for this, instead you should use this section to highlight research articles and their findings. You can do this by explaining how the article relates to the theory/concept and how the article contributes to our understanding of that theory/concept.
  • Suggestions-This is an area where you can offer advice or suggestions to others on this particular theory/concept. In other words, after reading through communication research on this theory, what suggestions would you offer to other people (based on this past research)? Ideally, your suggestions should be grounded in past research; however, any suggestion should have some sort of evidence to help support your point.

Final Version

The last part of the project is the final version of your guidebook chapter and is worth 60 points. The final version should be free of grammatical errors, demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the theory/concept that your chapter focuses on, appropriately cites relevant work (both in-text/parenthetical and on a reference page, in APA format), and sufficiently addresses the content of each section of the chapter. Your final chapter should be roughly 10 pages in length, double-spaced throughout, includes a reference page in correct APA format, uses 12 point Times New Roman font, uses one inch margins on each side.



Communicational Changes Between Parents and Children
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Communicational Changes Between Parents and Children
The manner parents interact with their young ones has continually changed due to the rapid advancement of technology, among other things. In particular, one type of communication all individuals cannot avoid is between parents and children. This type of communication is crucial since it nurtures children’s behaviors and future career paths. However, many parents in the digital era feel as if they are losing control of their children since young people are using technology that their parents do not understand. In reality, millennials prefer using electronic devices to communicate with their colleagues as opposed to traditional methods such as physical interaction. The methods of communication between parents and children have changed over time due to various reasons. First, encouraging diversity through thoughts and behaviors has significantly contributed to this change. Second, on-going development with technology makes children interact in ways that their parents cannot comprehend. The new multimedia, audiovisual, and other numerous technologies are affecting people’s daily lives. Moreover, they affect the way that parents relate to their children. Parents who do not know how to use electronic gadgets to reach out to their children might miss a lot of things since traditional methods of communication are becoming obsolete. For this reason, communication methods between children and parents have changed over time due to the encouragement of diversity via behaviors and thoughts and the rapid advancement of technology.

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