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Business Messages (Research Paper Sample)

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Appendix A Select three business-to-business messages. Analyze the messages using the communication process. The analysis should include a descriptive explanation of characteristics that would improve the messages, including the following: - Descriptions of the purpose, sender, receiver, message, environment, technology, noise, and feedback -Explanations of whether the message and technology were appropriate given the environment and purpose Write a business-to-business message that has ABC Company asking to create a working relationship with XYZ Company. Write an unfavorable reply message to ABC Company. The message can be denying the working relationship, for example, due to ABC's credit, prices, reputation, services provided, needs, technology, and so on. Write a 1,300- to 1,750-word paper that includes your analysis of the business-to-business messages using the communication process. should adhere to APA formatting. source..

Business- to- Business Messages
In business, communication entails using messages, sounds and symbols to promote services and products; relaying information within the business and with other businesses, and/ or deal with legal and other issues Krizan (2005). It encompasses customer relations, advertising, community engagement, branding, public relations, marketing, employee engagement, and research and measurement among others. The importance of effective communication is immeasurable in business since ineffective communication may result to significant loss to the business. As a matter of fact communication is what mostly accounts for either the loss or profits of most businesses. According to Dianne (2010), business communications also involves various channels such as print, outdoor, radio, word of mouth, internet, ambient media and television.
The Basic Communication Model is the most ideal starting point in analyzing the process of communications in the business. This is done in terms of the intent of the sender, elements of the environment of communications, and the needs of the receiver. The major types of communication which are also utilized mostly in business include the following; written communication that occurs in written forms only, electronic communication which entails use of electronics and modern technology, non- verbal communication that involves the use of body language and other physical gestures, and verbal communication which involves using words in communication. This discussion will focus specifically on business to business messages. Business to business messages are the messages received and sent by the companies, business firms, and organizations. They can be sent or received for several reasons which include initiating of joint ventures, initiating new business, for a party, and invitation to do business among other reasons.
Here are the selected three business to business messages and their analysis using the communication process. The first message was through a written letter and it read, "Mrs. Biden, we are pleased to receive the business proposal from you. The management is considering the policies of the business before they make a final decision. We will let you know at our earliest. Thank you." The second message was through phone and it said, "Thank you very much for your invitation to the 10th Anniversary party! We would join you to celebrate your decade- long achievements. Again, thank you for your courtesy. Best wishes. The third message was sent through the email and it read, "Dear Mr. Michael, as per the meeting we held yesterday, we are glad to invite you to join our firm to work together. We look forward to hearing your response concerning this as soon as possible. Thank you!
As Gibson and Hodgetts (2010), the communication process consists of a message being received and a sent. They further note that there are descriptive characteristics that are involved in business to business messages and they include descriptions of receiver, environment, feedback, technology, sender, message, noise, and purpose. The communication process is the guide towards realizing effective communication. These characteristics if well employed or to some extent be controlled can greatly improve the three messages. It is worth noting that these messages to a large extent meet the threshold for effective business- to- business messages. Considering the first message, the purpose of the message is clear that it describes the status of the business proposal. Description of the receiver is also clear but it is necessary for the description of the sender be made clear. The message is cl...
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