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Choose any industry you know about and write what effect does covid-19 have on it (Research Paper Sample)


This course is called futures of international business. ( *Important: The futures is not future!!!)
This assignment is to write a report about the impact of coved-19 on an industry, including the impact on enterprises (at home and abroad). For specific requirements, please refer to the study guide. You need to choose an industry at will and write down 3 problems contained in the study guide. Please be specific to which industry, for example: if you want to write about the manufacturing industry, write down the specific industry of textile, or automobile manufacturing, or pharmaceutical manufacturing or other different specific industries. If you want to write about finance, write down the insurance industry or financial management companies and so on. If you want to write about construction, go down to civil engineering, or other industries. Please do your best to write about an industry you know. If you have any questions, please contact me, thank you.
*When the teacher gives the rating standard, I will upload it to you at the first time, and then make detailed adjustment.


Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Clothing Industry
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The corona virus pandemic has brought the entire world into a standstill. Countries and governments around the globe have instituted measures to curb the spread of the virus and consequently stop the number of people dying from the disease. These measures have in the process affected many sectors and industries and countless individuals who depended on them. The report will extensively examine the impact of the pandemic on the clothing and apparel industry. It will focus on the multinational corporations such as Adidas and Nike and identify the impacts of the pandemic on persons within and outside the US who depend on them for their livelihoods. The report will also identify the changes in the global business environment over the past six months due to the corona virus pandemic. Last but not least the report will also cover the implications for the clothing and apparel industry and the firms involved in an uncertain future and provide some recommendations.
Globalization has immensely contributed not only to increased interaction between people but also companies and governments around the world. The world trade has been dominated the global supply chain with countries reducing their tariffs and rates to join the world trade organization (Quiles, 2020). 

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