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Walmart’s Investment in E-Commerce is a Good Strategy. (Research Paper Sample)


The purpose of this paper is to provide you with an opportunity to examine an innovation management issue of your choice. Your objective for this paper is to analyze how a firm strategically manages technology to both create and capture value. You may examine a firm or technology of your choice. The specific focus of the project should address a key strategic question for the firm, such as (1) whether and how the firm should enter a new technology market, (2) the strategic rationale behind a recent acquisition of a technology company, or (3) how the firm should compete with rivals in a technology market.
The topic should be well-researched, based on a review of publicly-available information. You should choose a company for which enough information exists to support the brief.
Your brief should include a thorough assessment of how the firm creates and captures value from the technology, as well as recommendations for future strategic actions (i.e., how to enter a new market, how to compete with incumbents and/or entrants, etc).
The paper should include the following:
1. A brief description of the company and/or technology
2. Identification of the key strategic challenge facing the company and an explicit statement of why it is important.
3. Description of 1-3 actionable solutions to address the strategic challenge, including the pros and cons of each, and then make an explicit statement of your recommended strategy.
You will be evaluated on the insights offered and how relevant/useful are the recommendations presented. A brief that is succinct, focused, coherent, and well-supported will be evaluated favorably. 12 pt. Times Roman font, single with margins no less than 1 inch).


Walmart’s Investment in E-Commerce is a Good Strategy
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Walmart’s Investment in E-Commerce is a Good Strategy
Walmart is one of the oldest retail stores in the United States of America (USA), which started its operations in July 1962. Sam Walton founded the company and incorporated it in 1969. Walmart’s biggest advantage is that it has created a good reputation over time. Currently, it operates in over 11,528 physical stores and has launched e-commerce websites in more than 11 countries. The primary investment strategy of Walmart is to embrace e-commerce so that it can increase its sales by bringing more millennials on board. That is the reason why Walmart has acquired numerous online brands, namely, ShoeBuy, Bonobos, MooseJaw, and ModCloth. In the digital era, Walmart’s investment in e-commerce is a superb strategy or idea for the future success of the retailer.

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