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Virtue Ethics for Business Students (Research Paper Sample)


Which of the three ethics theories we studied in this course (utility, virtue, or duty ethics) do you think ring most true for students who are enrolled in graduate business programs? Why? Has this class changed the approach you will use for ethics in your future career? If so, explain how.


Virtue Ethics for Business Students
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Virtue Ethics for Business Students
Virtue ethics is the ethical theory that rings most true for students who are enrolled in graduate business programs. Virtue ethics is the study of or critical reflection of personal qualities thought to be important in life that includes hard work, compassion, discipline, self-awareness, trustworthiness, empathy and compassion, courage, sociability, and honesty. What makes these qualities essential is the fact that business is part of living and success in both life and business requires a person to develop these virtues (Whetstone, 2001). Business students need to see virtue ethics as a way in which they can think about how they want to be and what they should strive to become future business people, managers, and leaders.
Aristotle, the father of virtue ethics, described virtue ethics as integral in perso

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