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Training and development. Transference of Training (Research Paper Sample)

> You must write your paper using minimum of 4 peer reviewed articles, it must be cited and referenced according to APA. format > It will be 7 pages in length maximum. > Please note that the paper is referenced properly > Topic for your research paper will be on Transference of Training - your paper must take a position and provide evidence on the following statement:Transfer of training is impossible to achieve and will always be a problem for trainers and organizations. > You can email the paper to me once it is completed >the course for this paper is called TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ... for HR majors and the textbook used for the course is MANAGING TRAINING THROUGH TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT, fifth edition, Allan M Saks and Robert R Haccoun try to relate overall thesis to Human Resources as it is the major thank you source..
Transference of Training
Transfer of training is impossible to achieve and will always be a problem for trainers and organizations.
I would beg to differ with the above position that implies that transfer training is not possible to achieve in organizations and through the following discussion assert that the transfer of training is not a problem for trainers and organizations. This is because the transfer of training can be and has been successfully used by many organizations to achieve optimal human resource performance and therefore this discussion will explain how fruitful the transfer of training can be used by organizations from a human resource perspective. Generally, in every organization, the instigation and emphasis of Human Resources (HR) training is mandatory in many employee-related and legally-related topics, especially for managers and supervisors who seek to streamline their working forces to produce maximally for the company.
As a result, there is every need to equip an organization’s employees to handle their employee relation responsibilities competently without having to create gaps every now and then. However, this is not the case in most organizations as their human resource team is not adequately prepared and therefore most organizations are not able to achieve maximally. Basically, this is achieved through having a competent human resources team that understands their roles and therefore it is crucial that such a team possesses the right skills and knowledge to effectively perform their duties to the optimum. Generally, in any organization, an employee training and transfer is an excellent method to communicate about and reinforce concepts that would be considered common knowledge or new job information. There are various ways to create employee training alerts when the exercise is oncoming to ensure that all employees are aware of the exercise and to give them ample time to prepare for the same. In this regard, it’s recommended that one puts employee training alerts online, distributes them via email, or, in some situations, when employees do not have computer access, as an example, write employee training alerts in a bullet format on paper. It should however be understood that for maximum positive impact and learning of any human resource team, there is need to make the training motivational and engaging (Saks and Haccoun, 2011).
In this regard, a good HR Training Example would be that related to sexual harassment and therefore an organization sets out to train its employees on how to handle this aspect in the organization. As a result therefore, this is what one would set out to do with a sexual harassment and harassment training session. In this regard, for a start, the HR Manager at a client company would sent an email to all executives and managers asking them to save a three hour block of time for mandatory training in how to prevent sexual and other haras...
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