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Too Big To fail, Too Big To Jail (Research Paper Sample)


The written research essay should be no longer than 3500 words and deal with BUSINESS ETHICS of the 2008 US Banking crisis. Your essay must be an ETHICS focused paper. Your knowledge of management, accounting, and finance should help you focus, fine tune, and address your analysis to the ethical issues that are raised in the case. Your essay should be typed with 1.5 spaced, one inch margins, and no smaller than 10 point form. It must be properly referenced and all internet references attached as hard copies as appendixes to the paper. My topic is about the ethical issues the big companies and CEOs raised during the 2008 banking crisis. The teacher goes against capitalism and the essay should be addressed with a point of view that the banks did wrong by taking all that risk with the sub-prime mortgages, credit default swaps, and all those derivatives. It should address the issue that some of the CEOs should have gone to jail such as Dick Fuld. What laws were broken? (Negligence, malpractice, Fiduciary duty) How corporate socially responsible were the banks and big companies? What moral and ethical issues are raised with the bad risk management? Some possible sources: PBS Inside the Meltdown Documentary Too Big To Fail - Andrew Ross Sorkin (book) American Casino - Leslie Cockburn (Video)


Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail
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The year 2008 remained edged in the history of the world. It is the year that the global economic crisis hit the world hard. It almost took the entire world back to the days of The Great Depression. During The Great Depression, giant companies were forced either to close shop or reduce significantly the number of their employees. There were massive layoffs and the profits of most companies dipped. The economic crisis of the year 2008 was no different only that it affected the entire world. As the world was grappling with the economic turmoil, America was having a lot on her plate. She was also dealing with a financial crisis in the banking sector. This was a crisis too serious that it almost brought the entire sector on its knees. This discussion takes an in-depth look at what may have caused the financial crisis in the banking sector in America. Among issues of consideration are some of laws, rules and regulations that were flouted. In addition, the discussion shall also look at the moral and ethical issues arising from the conduct of the banks.
Background Information
In the year 2008, a financial crisis was experienced in the banking sector, which saw giant companies such as Lehman Brothers and AIG collapse. It is however believed that what happened in the year 2008 was a culmination of something that began in the 2006 carrying out to 2007. The housing sector in America has been faulted for what seemed like the second wave of The Great Depression. From early 90s the cost of housing began to rise drastically. This was attributed to a number of factors including speculation, lending generously and interest rates that were very low. The bubble that characterized the housing sector would finally be burst in the year 2006, and the ripple effect would be felt in all other sectors. The banking sector, however, was most affected because it was sole...
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