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Strategies used by Leaders within the Supply Chain (Research Paper Sample)


The research paper should be based on a topic discussed in the readings (books, articles) or videos. The requirements of this paper include a cover sheet (course title and name, paper title, student name and student ID), abstract, 5-8 numbered pages of text, and a reference page. The research paper requires at least five references.
All papers should meet the following criteria:
· Follow APA formatting and style guidelines (6th edition)
· Follow all instructions for each assignment
· 12 inch standard font such as Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri
· 1 inch margins
· Double-spaced
· Submitted on time
· Represent your best work
*Note* Topic can be shorten.


Strategies used by Leaders within the Supply Chain
Student Name:
Course Title:
Strategies used by Leaders within the Supply Chain
1.0 Introduction
Leadership is understood as the art of motivating people to act towards attaining a shared goal. Supply chain management necessitates a company’s leader to develop an effective supply chain strategy. Leadership is a vital function of supply chain management that helps to maximize efficiency and attain the goals of the company (Horth, Miller & Mount, 2016). An effective leader formulates a clear supply chain strategy that allows the organization to attain its overall goals and purpose. An organization’s supply chain strategy needs to focus on the efficient movement and transfer of inventory. The strategy is the only efficient way that can be used to balance the usually difficult-to-forecast pulls of supplier availability and customer demand (Birhanu, Krishnanand & Rao, 2018). This research paper explores the strategies that companies with effective leaders can use within their supply chain.

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