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Social Media Ethics: Public View Of Company (Research Paper Sample)


1. ABSTRACT 100-150 word

            As we all know too well, most interactions and communication are done online using a wide variety of social networks. What may not be taken into consideration is the role ethics plays with online sharing and communication, or that there needs to be a place for ethics in social media.

2. INTRODUCTION 2-3pages

            (a) Background of your research

            How ethics policy applies to social networking and how to engage in ethical conversations on social networks.

            (b) Statement of the Problem

            Promote ethical conduct online in this self-paced employee training on social media ethics. Certify employees and professionals to use social media effectively while enhancing ethics and compliance.

            (c) Purpose of Study (what do you seek to accomplish?)

            Social media allows anyone to share basically anything online.  Within a business, it is their responsibility to build a positive identity for their brand. If policies are not put into place, employees could be free to share anything to anyone. The business needs to find the audience with whom they want to share information. 

            (d) Specific Research Questions 

3. Body of paper

  1. The purpose for social media in the business
  2. Provide evidence of responsibility with sharing
  3. Provide some business information for credibility and authenticity
  4. Understand the audience with whom you are communicating
  5. Provide credit to the right people or businesses

4. Managerial implication

what valuable practical lessons can managers draw from study.

  1. Protect confidentiality of the business
  2. Provide value for the consumers and the business
  3. Find a balance between social media and other work
  4. Share information that will give your brand a positive image.
  5. When sharing, be aware of others’ perspectives and opinions. Be open to what others have to say.
  6. Be aware of who can see your information, what is being shared, and what is being said and shared about your business.
  7. Overall, a business should create a positive, credible online presence for both their own benefit and for the benefit of their customers. Think about the business brand and identity that you want to share and build upon.

5. Conclusion

            Social media should be a part of a business and business should not entirely be social media. Communicating online is different from communicating in person or printed messages. Be aware of all the different aspects of social media – who sees your message, who is sharing messages and what are they sharing. 


  1. this section would contain all figures/tables/graphs, etc. used in your study; they
  2. should not have page numbers; each figure/table should be numbered sequentially  (e.g.
  3. Figure 1 and so on) and referred to within the text.
  1. People have now become both the producer and consumer of information.
  2. News can be shared instantly online before it even reaches the television.
  3. The judgment of communication is both positively and negatively affected.
  4. Because more people communicate online, the value of face-to-face communication is lost. This has multiple effects on the way a message is received and interpreted.

Social Media Ethics
Name of Student
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Date of Submission
Technology has come in handy in growth of businesses, communication and marketing has been enhanced through social media and other networking platforms where business owners can reach their consumers and clients with much convenience. Companies also use social media in order to brand themselves and send to the public the message and image well speaking of the company. Businesses are no longer limited nationally, the internet and more so social media has allowed marketers connect with customers all over the world. Nonetheless, there is a need to put into consideration a set of ethics when it comes to online communication and sharing. This is because companies can fall in the risk of lost confidentiality and other improper activities that could be damaging to the image of a company.
Social media has allowed online users to post and share anything and this is both utile and harmful to a business. Social networking can be useful because it allows companies solidify their relationship with consumers and marketers can reach a variety of customers through online networking. On the other hand it can be very harmful to a company that has no boundaries and regulations about what its employees post on social media and what image is being portrayed concerning the company. It is therefore very important for a company to put in place social media usage policies and ethics that govern what is being shared online.
Social media ethics play a major role in business as it determines the public view of that company and a well painted image means a credible business but when a company's image is tainted in social media, this could land a company on a setback that will cost the company its integrity and inevitably huge financial losses. Social media policies in the professional world work to protect the image of the company, its confidentiality, marketing power and acts as a guidance on what should and should not be shared on social media.
According to Akbar, it is of great significance for a company to put in mind certain guidelines that will ensure social media policies are followed to the letter. First it is to think critically before sharing information on social media such as Facebook, twitter and instagram. The aforementioned social media platforms have been very pivotal in helping marketers market their products and enhance purchasing. Most people rely on the internet to search and find items they need to buy and social media has become a necessary medium between buyers and sellers. Therefore with the many onlookers a business has on social media it is fundamental to think before sharing or endorsing anything online. Sharing imprecise information will create a negative perception of a company and affect their market platform negatively.
Additionally, social media policies allow for consideration of the impact information will have to the audience. What customers think about your brand is very important as this will determine the course the company will take in the marketing grounds. Information shared or endorsed should present the right image about the company and no customer should feel prejudiced by online content. Recently H & M company used a black child to market a hoodie with information that was considered racist and this caused the company a setback since some of the company's promoter pulled off and the particular item could be sold in the U.S. this is an example of a scenario where online ethics were not adhered to causing a racism outcry and the image of Hennes & Mauritz was tarnished.
The above example was a case of a company failing to observe ethics that insist on a company being aware of its audie...

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