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Smart Cities Will The Trend Create Competitors? (Research Paper Sample)


its a group project and im doing the last part of it so i have to answer these three questions and conclusion
1. Will this trend create new competitors for us?
2. How does this trend inspire us?
3. How does this trend help us think about innovation?
the paper is about smart cities and how a smart city can be in the next 10 to 20 years
here is apart of the paper that has been already done so you can have some information of where we are going with the paper.
1. Introduction:
1.1 Smart cities in the future
Nowadays, some cities have already being struggled in the current inflow of people. From an analysis, there will be 70 percent population live in urban areas by 2050(Bret, 2019). We need to create smart cities which will use different electronic internet of things(IoT) to collect data and use these data to manage assets and resources efficiently. Smart cities will make these urban areas more livable and sustainable(Marcia, 2019.). The smart city aims to improve the quality of public services and minimize the costs in urban areas.
Smart cities use information and communication technology(ICT) to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services (Batty et al, 2012, p482.). ICT is used to improve the quality, performance and interactivity of urban service, to reduce costs and resource consumption. Now, we already started to develop 5G, but in the future, we will have 6G, and another “G”, which will allow the faster and faster speeds to deal with big data.
1.2 The main functions of smart cities
Smart cities will collect data from citizens, devices, and assets to analyze and process to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, power and water supply networks, crime detection, schools, hospitals, libraries, and other information systems(Marcia, 2019.). For example, Singapore has launched a Smart Nation program to address the issues of mobility, making big investment in road sensors, phased traffic lights, and smart parking. It is strongly focusing on data intelligence. The smart city of Singapore is trying to achieve safer, cleaner, greener city life, more transportation options, better care for the elderly at home; more responsive public services and more opportunities for citizen participation.
1.3 The impacts of the trend
Environmental impact: Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is the main driver of smart and sustainable urban development. Improving energy efficiency and storage, waste management, and transportation conditions are the biggest advantages.
Transportation: Clean and efficient transportation of goods, services and people is essential. To optimize mobility, many cities are turning to smart technologies to ease traffic congestion and provide real-time updates to users.
Optimized energy and water management: Smart grids and smart water management are recurring themes in smart cities. Energy consumption and drinking water monitoring ensure energy supply and tap water quality throughout the city.
Security: Safety is a top priority for all cities. The accelerated development of smart cities should allow municipalities to better monitor their citizens through closed-circuit television cameras with facial recognition capabilities. In addition, state-of-the-art CCTV cameras are equipped with motion and smoke detectors as well as fire alarms.
2. The drivers of change in this trend
Large IT, telecommunication and energy management companies such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Cisco, Google, Schneider Electric, IBM and Microsoft are the main organizations to build intelligent cities.
Huawei’s Smart City Solution incorporates cloud, network, and platform technologies, along with robust security. To support this innovative approach, Huawei has developed a digital platform which is based on leading new ICTs, including artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), big data and cloud, supporting the smart and sustainable development of the city's smart city industry. The company is one of the few providers in the industry to offer a complete ICT solution with the synergy of “cloud-pipe-device” and a leader in the integration of the physical and digital world. Huawei works with cities around the world to explore digital transformation based on its digital platform, ecosystem partner's converged solutions and comprehensive support from all stakeholders. In the future, Huawei's digital platform will adopt the latest artificial intelligence technology, which will become the foundation of a smarter city and bring digital to everyone, home and organization to achieve a fully connected and intelligent world(Huawei, 2018).
Alibaba Cloud is deepening the development of smart cities to demonstrate the impact of its technology on society(Aaron, 2018). Hangzhou has launched City Brian project by Alibaba, uses cameras systems and sensors across the city to collect the road conditions in real time. Data is fed into the AI ​​hub, which then manages traffic signals at 128 intersections and helps city officials make better decisions faster. By extracting traffic and weather data, City Brain analyzes real-time traffic flow to adjust traffic signals at more than 100 intersections. For example, the system tracks ambulances going to the hospital and turns all red lights in their path into green, allowing patients to receive emergency care in a timely manner. Since then, City Brain has cut travel time for ambulances and commuters by half and reduced highway travel time by 4.6 minutes. The program also enables the city's traffic police to work more efficiently. They use data from the AI ​​Center to reach the scene of the accident and respond more quickly to traffic violations.


Smart Cities
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“Will the trend create competitors?”
The smart city trend will create new competitors since cities from different part of the world will be attempting to create smart cities as well. Therefore, the need for people to have the smartest cities will result in Information and Technology companies working their level best in order to come up with better technology than that being used by other cities (Ahvenniemi, Huovila, Pinto-Seppä & Airaksinen, 2017). A well, a clean environment would attract investors and trade partners from different parts of the world. This would create competition since other cities would work to ensure that they also provide smart cities for investors and their trade partners. The smart cities would require a change in the manner in which industries produce goods. For instance, the creation of smart cities has been guided by the need to reduce the emission of dioxide emissions and hence, the involved industries will be required to keep up with the trend or run out of business. This is a type of competition that will be caused by the widespread development of smart cities across the world. Therefore, the trend will create new competition in the different sectors of the economy as individuals attempt to keep up with the new technologies.
"How does the trend inspire us."
The smart city trend is an inspiration for the whole world to focus on creating a sustainable environment. Given the current population growth in the cities as a result of the increasing job opportunities, then it might come a time when the cities will no longer be habitable (Albino, Berardi & Dangelico, 2015). If the smart city trend is not adopted, then it means that the cities will be highly polluted with toxic emissions from industries. Hence, the trend is an inspiration to the creation of a habitable environment for the future generation. As well, the smart city trend also inspires people to focus on the production of environmentally friendly goods, which would also be healthy for consumption. Hence, it will promote the elimination of lifestyle-related disorders.
In addition, the smart city trend will inspire people to come up with better technologies in regard to the automation of common life activit

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