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Skills Possessed by a Change Agent (Research Paper Sample)


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Please change topic from “The use of interventions in the client system” to 
“The interpersonal & technical agent skills that a change agent must possess to be successful in a change management scenario.

Skills Possessed by a Change Agent
Course title:
It is one of the hardest things to get right even amongst a few people. It is not always common to find people who readily accept change. Most people are heavily opposed to change perhaps because of the associated uncertainty. People are comfortable with what they know and are used to. The eventuality of anything is what makes people comfortable to pursue it. Whenever people are not sure of what to expect, they use all means to oppose the change. A change agent is the person tasked with implementation of change. Implementing change is always a daunting task. However, if a change agent has the proper skills that must be possessed by a person seeking to bring change, he or she may find it more of a walkover (Rudani, 2013). These skills are very crucial and must be carefully mastered. For instance, people must not in any way feel coerced or cajoled to accept the change against their will. The change agent, through the use of key skills must use a step by step process to convince the people on the importance of the change. In this discussion, the skills that a change agent should have will be discussed in great details.
Case Scenario
The business sector is highly dynamic. This is due to the various interplaying factors which are constantly changing. As a result of the dynamism, a business must constantly align itself to remain as current and relevant as possible. Upon realization that a business is in dire change, a leader in any given will begin by appointing a change agent. The sole duty of the change agent is to carefully come up with a change strategy specifically meant to align itself with the new changes in the sector
Key Skills of a Change
In appointing a change agent, there are number of factors that ought to be considered. Attitude is one of them. As discussed earlier, bringing change and more so implementing can prove to be an uphill task. This is because people are likely to oppose the change. A change agent hence at all times embraces a good attitude; one is likely to convince the rest of the people. As a change agent, patient, perseverance and persistence are core values that one must possess. When the change agent conveys the change message for the first, he is likely to face heavy opposition (Woods, 2010). This will mean that he or she may need to go back to those people a second and a third time to convince them on the need for change. Even where there is a proper strategy a change agent has in place, there are always unprecedented challenges that may be encountered along the way. Harrington (2009) is of the view that a change agent should have an open mind and this can only be achieved with the right attitude.
The complexity of implementing change as well as the amount of work that must be put into it to make a reality require the right mind, understanding and attitude. A change agent who goes into an implementation process without the right attitude quits...
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