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Product Design, Service Design, and Facility Design Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Product Design, Service Design, and Facility Design Paper


Product Design, Service Design, and Facility Design
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Product design
Product design is a process that involves the creation of new products by various enterprises to their customers. This includes tactical and strategic innovations that lead to the generation of commercialized ideas by experts (Krajewski, Ritzmanetal & Malhotra, 2013). Product design is a critical component of product development since it assists the potential and current customers in comprehend the various aspects, benefits and any issues that they may encounter when utilizing the new product.
Product design is comprised of three components which include analysis, concept and synthesis. In the entire design process, it is necessary for those involved to carry out an in-depth and well-crafted assessment. In product development, the analysis dimension consists of the evaluation of the challenges that the situation with the proposed product the design team might encounter (Zurich, 2016). This also includes an assessment of the current environment in association with the dynamics of the markets and also the specifications and the benefits that the product would offer the targeted consumers.
Through situation evaluation, the design team can quickly identify the best market and also the opportunities that can be explored entirely to ensure that the design of the product is exceptional and therefore, foster the development of the elements of the products (Talk, 2016). This promotes product differentiation and allows the customers to identify the product from other products within the market easily.
In product design, the emphasis is placed on the concept of the product since without a specific concept the design process of the product will lack objectivity. The product concept defines these products in regards to its characteristics, market niche, benefits and the needs that will influence the establishment of the new product which will meet the customer’s needs.
Synthesis is also another vital component of product design. This involves the formulation of various ideas which lead to the selection of the best ideas. This then leads to the implementation and application of these ideas by highlighting the primary activities that will be influential in product design and also the

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