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Presenting Duty Ethics ETH-501 Module 4 SLP (Research Paper Sample)


I only need you to write the 2-page script and I'll do the slides. See attached.


Trident University International
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Business Ethics Module 4 SLP
ETH501: Business Ethics
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ETH501 Module 4 SLP- Script

Script to Accompany Slide

Slide 1

Ethics has become an integral part of organizations today
Ethical behavior in an organization can determine its success
Leaders can utilize various forms of ethical principles to make decisions.
Duty ethics can be utilized by Apple in its decision-making processes.
This presentation examines duty ethics and its relevance to Apple Inc.

Slide 2

What is duty ethics?
Duty ethics, also known as deontological ethics, is an ethics approach that focuses on a person’s intentions rather than consequences as indicators of morality (Micewski & Troy, 2007)
Immanuel Kant is considered the father of duty ethics
In duty ethics, behavior is considered moral when it follows established rules
Duty ethics emphasizes the equality of every person (Micewski & Troy, 2007).

Slide 3

Apple’s background
Apple Inc. is one of the world’s biggest technological firms.
The company manufactures smartphones, computers, and a variety of consumer electronics (Pun, Shen, Guo, Lu, Chan, & Selden, 2016).
Its main competitors in the smartphone industry are Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei
Asian-based Foxconn is Apple’s chief supplier (Pun, Shen, Guo, Lu, Chan, & Selden, 2016).

Slide 4

Differentiating duty ethics from utilitarianism
Duty ethics is best understood in contrast to utilitarianism
For utilitarianism, no action is morally wrong or right; what matters is the result of that action or decision.
For duty ethics, however, intrinsic moral features determine the wrongness or rightness of an action or decision (van Dijk, Engen, & Paauwe, 2012).
Duty ethics thus base morality on one’s intention while utilitarianism bases it on consequences.

Slide 5

Issues at Apple’s supply chain
Apple’s supply chain is characterized by unethical practices
Ethical, human rights, and environmental problems exist in the company’s supply chains
Leadership is outright dictatorship in the factories that manufacture its products
The pressure to meet demands is transferred to workers in factories
Tragic suicides have been committed by workers in Apple’s chief supplier, Foxconn (Pun, Shen, Guo, Lu, Chan, & Selden, 2016).

Slide 6

Issues cont’d
Workers in Asia are subjected to a harsh working environment:
Long working hours (60-70 hours per week, beatings by security and managers, and military-factory routine
Privacy of workers is violated through surveillance and routine security checks.
Child labor is present in some facilities (Bilton, 2014)
Workers are overcrowded in dormitories

Slide 7

Applying duty ethics to Apple
Apple should focus on doing the right thing as required by duty ethics
Integration of duty ethics in its processes and policies can help the firm address issues in its supply chain
Apple should require that all its suppliers uphold duty ethics
With duty ethics, workers at all facilities of the company as we...

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