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The Preference for Parallel Import Cars: Then and Today (Research Paper Sample)


Select 4 sources for the paper, 2 of the sources must be for one argument and 2 sources for the other argument. They must all be scholarly articles.


Evidence Evaluation Paper Instructions


For this assignment, there are two avenues of inquiry you may follow.

1.      Informative essay

2.      Argumentative/persuasive essay

Regardless of whatever avenue you choose to pursue, you will take a definite position on a topic, which you will then defend. The central claim of your essay should be clear, arguable, and logical. You are to provide rational evidence for your claims, backing them up where possible. Be certain to respond to differing or opposing views as you write and be sure to end your essay with a qualified conclusion.

In the beginning of the essay, the writer should briefly introduce the argument and/or their topic and advance a definite claim. Provide a context for the issue and/or topic and consider if it is part of an ongoing debate, discussion, or controversy, as well as what positions people have taken in the past.

Determine and address the intended readers. Decide how your argument and/or topic is intended to influence them and write your piece accordingly. (You may want them to take action, support or oppose a policy, reconsider an established fact or belief, or make a value judgment.) Advance your thesis rationally! In the conclusion, you may simply wish to reemphasize your claim, leave the matter to the reader, or issue a call to action.


  • Your paper must be six to eight pages of actual text, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  • Your paper must include at least FOUR credible primary or secondary sources. You can use other, non-scholarly sources, too. They just won’t count as your four required sources.
  • Your essay must be formatted according to APA style guidelines, including a References page, proper in-text citations, etc.
    • Important note: I will not accept papers in any font other than Times New Roman. Also, I will not be happy if you try to try to trick me by making your paper longer through methods like extra spaces, larger sized punctuation, etc. I will know when you do it, so don’t try it!

o   NO ABSTRACT IS REQUIRED. Please remember this, as I don’t want you to waste your time and energy on something you do not need to do.

o   Using APA formatting tools in a word processing program or a web site such as Citation Machine or Easy Bib is not prohibited, but highly discouraged. You are responsible for ensuring correct APA, not the computer. You can only learn by doing. 

o   When it comes to academic integrity, please remember that I have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any kind of plagiarism. If I find you have plagiarized, you will receive a zero on this assignment, and a zero in this course.


  • Your paper must have a thesis statement, and it must be present throughout the entirety of your paper. Further, your paper must be concise and written with an academic tone.
  • Your paper must be turned in as a Microsoft Word Document. Any other format will not be accepted.
  • Your paper must have a creative, original title. If you turn in your essay with the title “Evidence Evaluation Essay” on it, I will not be happy!
  • Your paper must contain “proper” punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. If you are concerned about your punctuation, spelling grammar, etc., you should go to the Writing Center and ask them to help you. As long as your paper is comprehensible, you will be fine. However, if your punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc., impedes my ability to understand what you are trying to say, then points will be deducted.


  • When incorporating sources into your essay, you should not just regurgitate quotes, facts, and/or statistics. You are not writing an encyclopedia entry. If a reader needs such basic info, there are many other places to find it. Give your opinion and explanation of info from other sources and always relate it back to your thesis.
  • Remember that you do NOT need to write about everything related to the topic. The topic must be focused as tight as possible. Do not write about the whole Holocaust, as that would be multiple books-worth of info. Instead, write about the experience of a specific survivor. See the difference?
  • Don’t spend too much time on subjects considered “common knowledge.” Simply telling us what happened on 9/11? Again, plenty of other material out there for that. Got a new piece of evidence for 9/11? That’s worth spending some time writing about.  

Resources to help you:

  • Purdue OWL’s APA homepage

The Preference for Parallel Import Cars: Then and Today
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Parallel Import Cars
Parallel Import Cars are also referred to as grey import vehicles. They are usually used or new motorcycles or motor vehicles that are legitimately imported via means other than the standard official distribution framework of the maker from the original factory. Dealers in parallel import cars are called parallel importers (PIs) who are primarily smaller business entrepreneurs who purchase cars directly from manufacturers and then re-sell the vehicles to the factory’s customers at a profit. Unlike authorized dealers, PIs do not need to have a great showroom, impress the manufacturer’s company, and have a minimum paid-up premium to trade in the company's products. Based on these reasons, many consumers prefer PI cars over cars from Authorized Distributors. This essay analyzes the reasons why customers usually go for PI cars by discussing both the negative and positive aspects of selling and buying parallel import cars.
The preference for purchasing parallel import cars dates back to the early 1990s when traders realized the disparities in the prices of vehicles between European countries and the United Kingdom. Since then, there has been a significantly growing demand for cars from PIs, which has triggered many Authorized Distributors to untighten their ends of the bargain and create an atmosphere that favors consumers from diverse backgrounds (Gray & Gray, 2013). Despite their shortcomings, parallel importers offer a wide array of goodies that attract and meet the demands of many consumers around the world compared to their Authorized Distributors counterparts. This helps to fill the gaps that most Authorized Dealers create in the market. There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with parallel import cars, as well as their dealers, who are discussed below.

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