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Assessment 3, write the tpic 2: The rise and role of China – Analyse the implications of China’s rise for Africa or the Pacific Islands (Research Paper Sample)


For this topic, you are to analyse the rise and growing influence of China in the global economy. More specifically, you are to discuss the role of China in Africa or the Pacific Islands. You are to examine how and why China has and continues to build a strong presence in Africa or the Pacific Islands. In doing so, you can report on specific investment activities that China has undertaken in either of the regions to strengthen its position. You are to discuss the implications of China’s presence both for the region and other leading economies that are allies to the nations in that region. For example, for Pacific Islands, you can discuss the implications of China’s presence in the Pacific Islands for New Zealand and Australia. For Africa, you can discuss how China built its presence in the region and also expected to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of China’s presence in Africa. For Africa, you can select one or two countries in the continent.
In this assessment, you will critically analyse a contemporary issue of your choice covered in the course and write a research paper on how that issue concerns the global economy and the society today. Your analysis also needs to discuss the implications for international business and government. To help you better present your work, you can also write up a concept map. The purpose of a concept map is to provide a framework for your understanding of the environment within which contemporary issues occur.
Your research report is expected to – • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of key concepts/frameworks that inform your research.
• Evaluate appropriate literature (academic and non academic).
• Please carefully proofread your work and follow APA 7th style of referencing.
Please read the courseware, assessment requirements detail and scoring criteria carefully. Please contact me if you have any questions.


The Rise and Role of China
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China has established itself as the hub or rather the pinnacle of the global supply chain. It is heavily involved in the manufacture of various essential commodities that are in high demand in different countries. China continues to take advantage of the huge untapped emerging markets particularly in developing and underdeveloped nations in the African continent to further its ambitious plans. Through effective market research, China has understood the great potential in Africa and has created a competitive advantage by offering cheap products. Consequently, China has built a strong presence and continues to strengthen its position in Africa by providing some of the governments with loans to finance different investment projects. Nonetheless, there are critics who vehemently oppose China’s heavy involvement in the region. They note that China is taking advantage of the people by offering cheap substandard products. 

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