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Occupational Stress (Research Paper Sample)


Research paper on operant conditioning.
Background information on the occupational stress process. 
Statistics and facts that illustrate the impact and importance of occupational stress in the workplace. 
A description of common job stressors. 
A description of an actual work setting of your choice and a description of the types of job stressors that you would likely find in that setting. 
oYou should choose a setting in which there would be at least three job stressors to describe. 
oExplain ways in which an I/O psychologist could intervene to reduce the effects of these job stressors (i.e., what an I/O psychologist would change, such as work schedules, to reduce the job stressors). 
Spector, P.E. (2012). Industrial and organizational psychology: research and practice 6th ed. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley
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Occupational Stress
Course title:
For a long time, many leaders of different organizations have ignored the problem of occupational stress. This aspect has emanated from failure of highlighting of this crucial element that affects performance in great ways, by scholars and researchers. Occupational stress is not a new emergence, but deliberations on it are relatively new in the field of education. This paper analysis the issue of occupational stress in view of its process, the impacts in workplace as well as giving an actual work setting that is presented with job stressors. There is also description of different ways in which psychologists could intervene to reduce the effects of occupational stress. The analysis is crucial because, it is capable of enabling managers of different workplaces to look for ways of mitigating occupational stress.
Occupational stress
Spector (2012) observe that; occupational stress denotes a condition whereby; a worker is faced with stress that is emanating from work. The condition could develop from having to handle some work that is beyond the ability of the worker. It could also emanate from disparity between work expectations and reality. For instance, if a worker is faced with loads of work such that they have to go home with some of the workload to be able to finish, they are bound to experience occupational stress. Again, if the work involves dealing with conditions that are beyond the knowledge and ability of the worker, they are bound to experience occupational stress. For instance, if a nurse is forced to handle the work that should be performed by a doctor, they are likely to develop occupational stress. Disparity between work expectations and reality result to occupational stress due to the mindset of the worker. For instance, if a worker had expected higher pay at the end of a particular period of time and then they get paid little, there is bound to be occupational stress. On the same note, if a worker had expected some promotion at the end of a given period of time, and then it happens not to be impacted, such a worker will experience occupational stress.
Occupational stress is a common disorder in many work places. This issue applies to all fields of work and in all parts of the world. Even the developed countries have statistics on occupational stress that indicate that there is prevalence of this issue in different workplaces in those countries. For instance in Great Britain, out of a total of 1241000 work related illnesses, 487000 were occupational stress, in the year 2013/2014. This is a whopping 39% which is a significant number. This indicates that; there has been prevalence of occupational stress on a high notch. 244000 is the number of new cases of work related stress that were reported in the same year in this country. If such a developed country is having such high number of occupational stress disorders, it is highly likely that; the condition is the same in many countries and it is bound to be worse in developing countries.
Spector (2012) clarifies that; occupational stress may not be easily detectable from superficial observation of things in the workplace. However, its impacts go a long way and are felt in the output of the affected workers. It is therefore crucial that; managers of different organizations put efforts to ensure that there is control of this ailment in workplaces. This should be done early enough and not to wait until the negative impacts have already been felt because, it could be too late to make amendments. The impacts of occupational stress are felt in different areas.
Reduced productivity is one of the impacts of occupational stress. Spector (2012) acknowledge that; when a worker is experiencing occupational stress, they are bound to be less productive. As with any ...
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