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Nonprofit Marketing Business & Marketing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Write about nonprofit marketing activities and strategies that spread messages of an organization, as well as how to solicit donations and call for volunteers. Also write about the goal of a nonprofit organization to market and promote the organization's ideals and causes to get the attention of potential volunteers and donors.
The Marketing Research Paper Needs to Include:
Title page.
Reference page.
4 pages of text.
The paper must reflect extensive research of the topic and proper form and style according to APA 6th edition.
A minimum of four (4) references are required.
References include peer-reviewed articles.
References cannot be older than 10 years.
Must be double-spaced.
Typed with a 12-point Times New Roman font and have 1-inch margins.
Assignments should be carefully proofed for spelling and grammar.
Text citations and reference lists must be in correct APA (6th Ed.) format.
Correctly cited in APA style.
Quotations should be used sparingly
NO abstracts.
Material that is not correctly cited is considered to be plagiarized.


limited on that scope. Nonetheless, nonprofit organizations manage to raise funds in the follow ing ways to eater to their global projects and programs?
Firstly, some nonprofit organizations operate thrift stores and charity shops. Through
these establishments, they arc able to encourage the donation of different items including
clothing, household items, stationery and office equipment among others (Sargeant & Shang.
2016). Although these commodities arc intended to be given to the less fortunate, some
nonprofits such as the Salvation Army choose to put some of the produets that arc in good
conditions up for sale. The initiative helps to raise funds that arc then channeled to different
programs. For instance, from the funds realized through its stores, the Salvation Army manages
to keep its rehabilitation programs running in society. Other nonprofits use the funds from the
thrift stores to feed the hungry on the streets, pay tuition for orphaned children and also cater for
medical expenses to those who have been held hostage in health care facilities because they arc
unable to make payments (Sargeant & Shang, 2016). Secondly, nonprofits also raise ftinds using
fundraising platforms. Some of these organizations have been known to partner with art galleries
and exhibitions where many affluent people frequent to make purchases. The agreement is
usually that parts of the sales from these events arc channeled to a certain nonprofit organization
or a program and project that the nonprofit institution is overseeing. The Salvation Army has over the years been instrumental in using its Christmas red kettle program to fundraise and source not only food but also money to feed the homeless during the festive period. According to Bailey (2010), “The money is used year-round by the Salvation Army to provide food for the hungry, disaster relief, assistance for disabled people, outreach to elderly and ill people, shelter and necessities for the homeless and opportunities for underprivileged children". Fundraising is a major avenue that nonprofits deploy to raise funds.


Nonprofit Marketing
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Nonprofit Marketing
The majority of organizations and entities around the world are established primarily with profit motives and to allow the investors and owners to maximize returns on their investments. As such, these businesses rarely engage in initiatives that don’t guarantee some monetary or nonmonetary benefits. However, there are some businesses that are not profit centered and exist to for various purposes and to meet some basic and essential needs in society. These are identified as nonprofit organizations. The excess funds that are realized from these organizations is usually reinvested back to further the objectives. These nonprofit organizations usually thrive on donations from well-wishers and employee individuals on volunteer basis. Nonprofit organizations serve various functions in society including charity and social welfare, improving education, research purposes, and religion (Sargeant & Shang, 2016). One notable nonprofit religious organization is the Salvation Army that was founded in the late 19th century and has since then been instrumental in helping many needy people around the globe (Bailey, 2010). The research paper seeks to conduct an in-depth analysis on nonprofit marketing and how organizations such as the Salvation Army manage to raise funds/solicit donations and accomplish their objectives.

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