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New Enterprise Company: A Soft Drink Called Refresher (Research Paper Sample)


Invent an entrepreneurial company and research it;
Write a paper on the new enterprise that addresses at least the following seven sections:
Company & Product
Competitor Analysis
Marketing Plan Research
Primary and Secondary Research


New Enterprise Company
Company and Product
Sweet Drink Company intends to introduce a soft drink called Refresher. The drink will have different flavors ranging from pineapple, orange, apple and grape. Sweet Drink Company will be operating from Minnesota State, but the product will be distributed across the states of United States. Sweet Drink will start with capital of $5000 and expand its operations through loans and ploughed back profit. The company's product aims at low calories not exceeding 25 and minimum sugar content of less than 5 grams with no chemical preservatives.
Sweet Drink Company is a sole proprietorship. It will be headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company intends to begin operation as from June 2017. The Sweet Drink was initiated with the intention of providing an alternative drink that contains low sugar and calories content. This was after an outcry of unhealthy drinks with high sugar and calories content that have filled the market in the recent past. Such drinks have augmented healthy problems such as obesity and diseases such as diabetes among the citizens. The company's vision is to offer healthy soft drink alternative.
Sweet Drink Company will operate under the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Beverage industry deals with production and distribution of carbonated, sweetened and flavored soft drinks. The beverages industry has existed for centuries in the United States and is highly competitive. There are a few dominant companies operating in the industry. These are the Coca-Cola and the PepsiCo which are multinational companies. They dominate up to 70% of the non-alcoholic beverages world market. The industry is highly innovative, and the products are highly differentiated so as to acquire a competitive advantage. For example, Coca-Cola has flavored its products differently to meet the customer preferences (Yohannes & Matsuda 2015).
The success of every business is dependent on the identification of the right customers who may support the product in the market for a long time. Building a good understanding of the customers is the right way to encouraging more sales, gaining competitiveness and penetrating the market (Baker, 2014). The marketing strategy for Sweet Drink Company will focus on establishing ways of motivating the customers through rewards and praise for loyal customers, for example through competitions for a sponsored trip.
Competitor Analysis
The main competitors in non-alcoholic beverages industry are the Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. Coca-Cola is a well-established brand in the market whose competitive advantage lies in the unique blend in the drinks while PepsiCo has gained a competitive advantage through a low priced drink. Sweet Drink will penetrate the market through presenting a drink with low sugar content and fewer calories that are healthy and help in solving health problems that have been aggravated by the other soft drinks. These features will help the Refresher gain competitiveness in the market.
Marketing Plan Research
A market research survey will be conducted to get mare insights into the target market and how to expand it. The marketing plan shall review the brand awareness among the customers from time to time. Establishing brand awareness shall help in determining the market position of the product. Marketing plan shall also focus on the target audience so as to help in customizing the marketing messages. Additionally, the market plan will focus on customer acquisition and retention so as to grow the company's sales over time.
Primary and Secondary Research
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