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Marketing: The Three Levels Involved In Airpods (Research Paper Sample)


Please read the notes below and answer the following questions.  Thank you.
Q1. Please Analyze the 3 levels of your product/services.
Q.2.1. Which step is the most critical one for your company?
Q.2.2. Which marketing efforts are essential to move forward from there?
1. Product planners need to think about products and services on three levels (see Figure 8.1) Each level adds more customer value. The most basic level is the core customer value, which addresses the question: What is the buyer really buying? At the second level, product planners must turn the core benefit into an actual product. They need to develop product and service features, a design, a quality level, a brand name, and packaging. Finally, product planners must build an augmented product around the core benefit and actual product by offering additional consumer services and benefits.
Q1.Please Analyze the 3 levels of your product/services.
2. The process that leads to consumers’ adoption of an innovation is illustrated in Figure 8.5• The process begins at the ground level, and marketers’ first task is to create awareness among consumers. Different tactics used by marketers to create interest, spur product evaluations, and stimulate trial, adoption and confirmation are also shown in Figure 8.5.• However, not everyone who becomes aware of an innovation is interested in learning more.  The pyramid shape of Figure 8.5 symbolizes the fact that some consumers “drop out” at each level despite the best efforts of marketers.
Q.2.1. Which step is the most critical one for your company?
Q.2.2. Which marketing efforts are essential to move forward from there?


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Question 1
There are three levels of products and each step adds value to the customers. This particular paper discusses the three levels involved in Airpods. The foremost level is the core customer value that highlights the actual demands of the consumers. The marketing team of the company prior to manufacture Airpods need to determine the core issue and need of the product. In the case of Airpods, the consumers purchase the product to experience unparalleled wireless headphone experience. The second level involved in the development of Airpods is the actual product development. At this level, the marketers convert the core benefit as well as customer value into the actual product (Edwards., 2019). This particular level involves packaging, brand name, quality level as well as designing the product features. All these attribute are linked to the core customer value which indicates that the product levels are build up on each other. The Airpods features, styling, packaging as well as other features have been carefully combined in order to deliver the customer value crucial for sustaining customer loyalty towards iPhones. The last level is the augment product and it presents additional customer benefits as well as service. The Airpods with a single click are automatically on and always connected (Attar., 2018). They acquire automatic sensing capacity which enabled them to switch on automatically when they are placed in the ear of the consumers and turn off when they are removed. This augment product developed during this level is the complete issue to the connective issue.
Question 2.1

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