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Module 8 Capstone Assignment: L’Oreal (MBA Capstone) (Research Paper Sample)


Module 8 Capstone Assignment
My topic is on L’Oreal
It is okay to provide condensed versions of tables or graphs
within your paper, but provide full versions in your appendices.
Make sure your report is supported by literature and credible
external websites such as www(dot)gao(dot)gov. It is okay to utilize
organization websites to provide support for mission, vision,
diversity statements, etc.
Cite sources used within the text and provide the bibliography in APA style (see APA Style Formatting:
http://www(dot)dianahacker(dot)com/pdfs/hacker-shaw-apa.pdf or
Proofread your paper for spelling and grammar errors before
Note: Title/cover page, executive summary page, references
Page (Use 8-10 References), and appendices are not included in the 10 – 12 page count
Each of the MBA Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) is
embedded within the course. If you write a meaningful paper,
touching on each area covered within the course, you will
successfully achieve the Program Learning Outcomes. Below
are the topics that were covered throughout the course:
Module 1 - Organization Background & Benchmarking
Module 2 – Organization Background, Ethics/Legal, and Current Events
Module 3 –Marketing, Financials & Accounting
Module 4 – Organization Culture, People, and Diversity
Module 5 - Strategy and Planning Analysis—Organization Goals
Module 6 – SWOT Analysis: Preparing for Recommendations
Module 7 - Recommendations, 21st Century, and Moving
Module 8 - Synthesizing the Report (ALL)
The report is synthesized by interweaving the above
topics in a coherent paper (avoid the tendency to rewrite
the titles and make a running list. You had the same
organization all session, so just flow with it)
The Executive Summary is also a synthesis of what you
If your paper is for your current organization, please do not
provide real-time data, especially for financials (change the
numbers but provide a brief explanation in advance)
Write your 10 – 12 page paper
Just follow this outline and write about 2 - 3 paragraphs about each of these Capstone outline bullet points. ( overall findings and recommendations, based upon literature and your SWOT analysis, etc)
Capstone outline:
1. Executive summary: I suggest that you draft this last after you complete your paper. (length (about 3 paragraphs). Your paper should have no more than a 1 page executive summary as the first page of your paper.
2. - Organization Background & Benchmarking
Describe the company (L'Oreal) and its core business and the industry in which it competes (the cosmetics industry). Provide a brief summary about L’Oreal and why you selected it. Write its mission, vision, brief history and any relevant current events.
3. – Organization Background, Ethics/Legal, and Current 1 / 2 Events
Describe the L'Oreal's organizational structure. Review and then write L’Oreal’s organizational chart and try to retrieve as much background information as possible on the top “C” level positions, i.e., CEO, CIO, COO, etc.
Is the organizational structure similar to another organization you are benchmarking (Coty is another organization I’m benchmarking)? Explain your answer. After reviewing the background information on the C level positions, are there any related HR issues (positive or negative) in the media, articles, or other external sources? Investigate the make-up of the people within the organization (backgrounds, country of origin, etc.). Does L’Oreal demonstrate diversity and/or cross cultural awareness? Does L’Oreal have any statements regarding diversity in its mission or vision?
4. Marketing, Financials & Accounting
Describe the L'Oreal's marketing and its financial performance .What is L’Oreal’s marketing strategy/mix? What differentiates it and or gives it a competitive advantage over others in the industry. How is it relevant to Porter's model and or PESTLE.
5. Organization Culture, People, and Diversity.
a. Compare L’Oreal to the industry in accordance with Porter's five forces model and/or PESTLE. Briefly provide a brief overview of how one or both of these analyses are useful in analyzing L’Oreal?
b. Retrieve L’Oreal’s financial statements, then review the concepts below, identify them within Loreal’s financials, then briefly explain their implications within L’Oreal.
1. Statement of Financial Accounting Standards
2. Cash flow after operations
4. Contribution Margin
6. Strategy and Planning Analysis—Organization Goals
What are L’Oreal’s short and long term goals? Are they published for both internal and external constituents viewing? Discuss L’Oreal's goals compared to those within the industry. Are they partnering with others inside or outside the industry?
7. SWOT Analysis: Preparing for Recommendations
Develop SWOT analysis for L’Oreal - identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
8. Recommendations, 21st Century, and Moving Forward
(This is where you give your opinion on any actions you think L'Oreal should take to maintain its growth and improve its growth as a company. These are your right or wrong answers...just your opinions based upon what you learned about the company. (Recommendations to the company on any changes you think they should make or do, such as add product lines, additional distribution, greater emphasis on internet sales, etc.
What are the future trends for L’Oreal? How are the trends you identified viable within the current industry?


L’Oreal Company
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Executive Summary
L’Oreal is one of the companies that manufactures and distributes cosmetic in the world. It’s one of the producers of cosmetics in large scale. The company was founded in France by Eugene Schuler in 1907.It deals with cosmetic products like lancome, amber solaire, solaire and cacharel. Since it was founded it has expanded to more than 20 countries worldwide. The main aim of the company is to make sure that it has provided quality innovative cosmetics to the customers around the world (Raba, & Sherman, 2016). 
This paper focuses on a number of issues concerning L’Oreal, including the mission vision and the objectives of the company and the core business of manufacturing and distribution of the cosmetics to the number of customers around the world. The paper also discusses o the organizational structure of the company as well as the employment process of L’Oreal and if it uses diversity and inclusivity in the whole process.
The paper also looks at the strategies that have been employed by the company and the level of performance. It also looks at the goals of the company and the organizational culture and people as well as the strengths threats weaknesses and opportunities of L’Oreal. It also gives out the recommendations to the company for future use.
Vision of L’Oreal Company
L’Oreal do not have a vision for their company but they can use their motto which is “Because I’m worth it” to act as the company vision
Mission of L’Oreal
The mission of L’Oreal is to provide customers in the whole world the best innovative cosmetics in terms of good quality and safety.
The objectives of L’Oreal
To join the emerging markets in the industry
To develop a plan for the future business
To expand the market share worldwide
L’Oreal brief history and current events
L’Oreal is one of the companies that is concerned with the manufacturing and distribution of innovative quality cosmetics in the world. The company has excelled in the market because of the application of innovation, research and development in its daily activities. L’Oreal has stayed in the market for more than 95 years so it has necessary experience in the cosmetic industry. It deals with several brands of in the cosmetic industry, which is estimated to be more than twenty. L’Oreal has expanded its operation to more than 120 countries I the world for different areas which include, hair care, hair color, makeup and fragments. L’Oreal has invested a lot in research and developments in cosmetics; in 2010 it had invested approximately 600 million Euros. In the year 2010 the sales had amounted to 20billion a euro which shows a good performance of L’Oreal. By the year 2010 the number of employees had increased to 70,000 which show the increased growth for the company in the short period (Bara, 2002). 
Organizational structure
Division of labor
The company has ensured the division of labor into global research and innovation to ensure development and integrated production and distribution of cosmetics2. Departmentalization
The company has a number of departments which includes product departmentalization where it deals with coloring, hair care ,skin care and make ups.This ensures that every brand is managed by individuals who have the expertise in that line. This makes strength of the company. There is also another department known as geographical departmentalization. This shows how different people from different locations are involv...

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