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Logistics efficiency through planning in Target Corporation (Research Paper Sample)

Welcome to the SLP for the third module of the course. Take a look at your organization (target)and the way it plans its logistics operations then in a 2-3 page paper answer the following question. Does your organization maximize its logistics efficiency through planning? Submit your assignment to CourseNet for grading by the end of this module. Use the same format as your module one paper. Assignment Expectations It is anticipated that the paper demonstrates an understanding of what is included in a logistics plan and why it is important when applied to the reference organization's management approach. Expectations focus on the work utilizing critical assessment skills and demonstrating an understanding of key elements of a logistics plan in assessing if the reference organization is utilizing comprehensive logistics planning to optimize logistics efficiency. source..
Running head: MARKETING
Logistics efficiency through planning in Target Corporation
Logistics efficiency through planning in Target Corporation
Logistics planning has been made more important in Target Corpoartion with the continued change in customer preferences and the consumer as king. However with this notion in mind, on time delivery for market orders is the bottom line for a successful logistics plan (Floridaits, 2007).
A structural design that can remain functional and effective in the long term is the fundamental basis of the organization’s logistics plan. This design structure is appropriate for balancing short term budgets so as to calendar goals for a long term structural design that meets logistical operations plans for the future markets. A comprehensive logistics plan helps the organization to integrate these competing logistical requirements (Free Logistics, n.d.). The logistics plan allows for construction of structures that are economical, serviceable in the long term, are easily expandable and offer efficient operations for the forecasted period.
A logistics plan is a long term multi disciplinary approach which comprehensively regards such a structure as the principal foundation for logistical operations. Every team in Target organization is responsible for the decisions made with regards to the organization’s structure. Logistics planning in the organization considers the whole structural facility as a unit that should harmoniously rather than as a cong...
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