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LOG301MOD5CA (Research Paper Sample)

Assigment: For this case please read the article below concerning inbound logistics and then answer the following questions. What are the problems companies face when they expand their supply chain worldwide? What are your suggestions? Assignment Expectations: You should identify at least four problems/issues. You should use at least one additional resource. Make you claims and back them up with information from the reading and your other references. Add some of your own ideas. Be sure to indicate that these are your own. Use the same format as your module one paper. The paper should be 3-4 pages. Global Logistics Solutions: A Guide to the Problems Shippers Face, Andrea MacDonald. World Trade. Troy: May 2007. Vol.20, Iss. 5; pgs. 36 - 40. Click here for ProQuest article. source..
Running Head: Business and marketing Problems which companies face due to supply chain expansion worldwide Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Problems which companies face due to supply chain expansion worldwide There are various problems which are experienced by companies due to supply chain expansion worldwide. Supply chain in this case refers to materials’ movement to customers from source (Jones, 2005). Supply chain comprise of manufacturing, purchasing, transportation, warehousing, demand planning, customer service, management of supply chain and supply planning (Johnson & Green, 2002). It includes resources, information, activities and individuals who facilitate product movements to customers from sources involved. Although supply chain appears simple from its definition’s perspective, real challenge may be experienced in an attempt to effectively manage it (MacDonald, 2007). Effective management especially where extensive coverage is involved turns out to be ineffective and therefore most companies which seek evasion of the ineffectiveness prefer manageable operations, in which case they extend their operations depending on their ability to effectively manage the operations. The associated problems may be put to light as follows. For instance, as supply chains of companies expand worldwide, complications increase and possible solutions turn out to be more problematic (MacDonald, 2007). This has an implication that as the operations becomes expansive, their effective management turns out to be problematic due to the fact that many processes are involved. Supply chain expansion worldwide implies that the involved processes turn out to be complex, that is, movement to customers from sources becomes more complex (Johnson & Green, 2002). As a result of this, manuf...
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