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LOG301CAMOD1 (Research Paper Sample)

Assignment: For this case study please read the article below in the Proquest data base concerning anticipatory logistics the US Army is experimenting with. Then in a 3-4 page paper answer the following question. Can anticipatory logistics work in the corporate world? Why or why not? Assignment Expectations: Don't just answer yes or no, explain your reasoning. Consider how the corporate world is the same and different from the military world. What are the specific aspects of anticipatory logistics that fit or don't fit with the corporate world? You should have 3-4 pages of written text plus a cover sheet and references page. Annotate your sources of information appropriately on your references page. source..
Running Head: BUSINESS AND MARKETING Anticipatory Logistics Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Anticipatory Logistics Introduction Lenzini (2002) work on the army logistics defines anticipatory logistics as the use of information systems, technologies and set procedure in predicting customer requirements and provision of appropriate sustainment. It has been used in the military on experimental basis as a solution to the increasing demand for an efficient and effective supply chain management of the army petroleum product like oil and lubricants to the combat areas. The concept which helps in prediction of trends in the product requirements in the army has a design has several aspects that are closely related to the corporate business world. On the other hand, it has limitations that could make it unfit in the corporate world. Consequently, questions arise on its viability to supply chain management in the corporate world and the challenges that are likely to be encountered in its implementation. This paper establishes whether or not the anticipatory logistics is applicable in the corporate world by evaluating its aspects that make it fit or unfit in this environment. Anticipatory logistics and supply chain management The applicability of anticipatory logistics is largely dependent on the fact that both the army and corporate business world use Supply Chain Management (SCM) as a tool to manage the storage and movement of their raw materials, the processes and the finished products from the origin to the consumption point (Chakravarty, 2001). As Edwards (2000) explains, SCM in the corporate world involves the production, procurement and delivery of goods and services to the customers. Its scope includes the suppliers, sub suppliers, retail customers, wholesale customers, international operations and end users. The scope in the army is not as expound as in the corporate world but it involves the production, procurement and delivery of the goods and services as present in the corporate world. These similarities in operation mean that the concept can also fit in the corporate world if the army set up is used as a pilot project. The supply chain management in the corporate world and in the army application has seven similar components namely the suppliers, procurement, manufacturing, order management, transportation, wa...
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