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The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (Research Paper Sample)


The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is one of the largest labor unions in the world. Having such a large and diverse organization poses challenges for the organizational structure of the Teamsters. The organizational structure must be designed so that all of the union members are served equally according to their membership within the organization. The Teamsters’ organizational structure must be able to serve its independent members as well as its largest company, the United Parcel Service.
Write a 500-word paper that explains how the administration and the membership of the Teamsters Union are organized. Conclude your paper by offering your opinion of how the union organization enables it to serve its members effectively and defend your opinion.
The goal of this assignment is to describe the organizational structure of the Teamsters and to analyze how the structure is effective in serving the union members’ needs.
Type your paper in a standard document format with 1-inch margins and double-spacing. (Don’t use any fancy or cursive fonts.) Use as many sources as needed.


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The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, a famous and outstanding labor union in the world, was founded in 1903. They basically work for the betterment and welfare of both blue-collar and professional workers serving the public and private sector organizations. The aim is to provide the members with lots of facilities and to serve the union members equally, without any discrimination or personal differences. The organizational structure of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is quite reliable and authentic, ensuring that all independent members get the maximum number of benefits (Starkman, 2013).
To accomplish its tasks in a better way, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has collaborated with local unions in both Canada and the United States. These local unions, as well as their members, act as the backbone of the union (Asher, 2001, p. 98). It’s safe to say that the administration and membership of this organization are well-versed, and unlike other similar labor unions, TBT has implemented strategies to promote local unions and local leaders. They sign contracts with these leaders in this regard and assign certain tasks to them on a weekly or monthly basis (Asher, 2001).
As per their contract, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is responsible for providing exceptional facilities to these local labor unions and local leaders. They mainly retain their own labor lawyers, marketing agents, business representatives, organizers, accountants, and other staff members to complete the multiple tasks in-hand (Manning, 2003, p. 115). The heads of local unions can devise their structure and select the union mem

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