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History of the Air Cargo Industry (Research Paper Sample)


Write and submit a two to three page paper that addresses all of the following:
-the roles of Slick and Flying Tiger airlines
-the impact of the Deregulation Acts of 1977 and 1978
-one, additional significant regulatory event in air cargo history
-one, additional historical event that you feel is important to the history of air cargo


History of Air Cargo Industry
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History of Air Cargo Industry
Air cargo industry is one of the important service industries that are very crucial to the growth of the world economy. Air cargo industry has undergone numerous developments and improvements since it was first launched. According to reports, the first air cargo appeared in the United States in the year 1910 CITATION Hep05 \l 1033 (Heppenheimer, 2005). One of the first models of the air cargo planes to be used was the Wright Model B with a carrying capacity of around 200 pounds CITATION Bil02 \l 1033 (Bilstein, 2002). In 1911, the first world official airmail flight was launched. Since then, continued research and innovation in the air industry has seen advances in cargo planes with improved carrying capacity being developed. In the late 1920s, most airlines operated air cargo planes promoting businesses among the states. The advent of air cargo industry, on the other hand, has boosted how business operates as fewer inventories are required. This paper highlights the history and development of air cargo industry and evalu...
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