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Financial Statement Analysis. Grubhub Company. Company Overview (Research Paper Sample)


Written Report on GrubHub - GRUB select the company that can give a confrence call Eight to Ten pages analytical report on a public company. 10 Pages Maximum. 1.5 line spacing. NO MORE THAN 10 PAGES!!!!! – No exceptions. The report should briefly describe the company, its historical and current operations, and future prospects. Extra emphasis should be given to the summary and analysis of historical financial results and revenue and earnings projections for the next 1 to 3 years. The Market/Industry and Strategy are also critical. Revenue and earnings projections should be in line with those presented in research reports on the company from other financial services firms Basic Outline Summary Page (3/4 - 1 Page) Should be written last  Company o Proper name (Symbol and Exchange)  Analytical Conclusion o Current and anticipated value of the company. Whether or not the company is going to make it. - Written last  Summary Financials (Price, Trading Range, Exchange, Market Capitalization, Shares Outstanding - Basic and Diluted, Float, Insider's Holdings, Cash, Equity, Gross and Operating Margins, ROE, P/Es, Dividends, Debt to Equity, Current Ratio, Debt to Equity ratio)  Highlights o Key points of value (or lack of value of company). o Bullet Point Format o Make sure that all highlights are presented as they relate to the company. For instance, an industry related item such as a major acquisition by a competitor may be important and worth noting. But, the relevance to the subject company must be discussed. Description ( 1 Paragraph) o Summary of company operations, strategy, markets and objective. Operations (1 Page) o Summarize information available from public documents such as Annual Report or 10K. Strategy (1/2 - 1 Page) o What is company trying to do. i.e., "be leading manufacturer of …" o What is the mission of the company "Provide products and services to consumers of electronic products……etc. o How are they doing it - ▪ What markets ▪ What countries ▪ What pricing strategies, ▪ Etc. Management (1/2 Page) o History and Background of KEY people (3 or 4 Max) o Why do they make a good team and work well together Markets (1/2 - 1 Page) o What general and specific markets does the company work in. o What is the size of the market (Total Dollar Figures) o Who are the competitors o Get information from industry analytical sources (i.e., IDC, Frost & Sullivan, and industry trade groups Financial Analysis and Projections (1 1/2 - 2 Pages) o Historical numbers and trends (1/2 to 1 page MAXIMUM) o Projections and support – Full Income Statement, with projections, is ESSENTIAL!!!! o Balance Sheet o Capitalization o Tables should not cross pages Risk Factors (1/2 Page) o Real Risk Factors - i.e., High debt, low cash, strong competition, changing government regulations, dependence on one customers, etc. Whatever applies. Conclusion and Summary (1 Paragraph) o Your overall opinion. o How is the company positioned o Is it Under, Fairly, or Over Valued Important Tips and Requirements for completing the Report • ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, DEFINITELY - No typing/spelling/grammatical mistakes – More than one mistake immediately eliminates any chance of getting an A on the report. Spell check the report and have someone else read it over. • Be very careful with financial information - Make sure units are clearly indicated and correct (i.e., millions vs. billions, etc.) • Income Statement projections are essential – Yahoo will give you the bookends (Revenue and EPS). These are only guides. You do not have to use them. But, if your numbers are significantly different, be prepared to defend them. You MUST fill in all the details in-between. • Use the third person narrative – You are not the company, so terms like “we” and “our” are not appropriate. You can use “We” and “Our” when giving your opinion. The inappropriate use of the terms “We” and “Our” demonstrates poor attention to detail and makes your professor very, very mad. It is also guaranteed to result in a significant grade reduction. • The most important sections are the Financial Analysis and Market sections - Make sure you identify the market size and competitors. • Don’t bother with a lot of history – One paragraph, at most. SERIOUSLY! • Don’t give opinions of others (i.e., Management and Analysts). Your opinion is the only one that counts. • Don’t rehash basic terms and concepts – For instance, from one student’s report - “Net cash provided by operating activities primarily consists of net loss (income) adjusted for certain noncash items including depreciation and amortization, provision for doubtful accounts, etc……..” We already know that. You are not teaching financial concepts in this report. • Check the report against the instructions – Finish the report. Go over it for grammar and typos. Check the report against the instructions. Have someone else review the report. It would be great if you can have someone review the report who is known to have good grammar and can write well. • Don’t waste a lot of time with operational and historical details – Write, paste, edit, just enough information so the reader knows what the company is about and can understand what you are analyzing. LESS is MORE!!!! • Originality – While it is okay to lift certain sentences and descriptions from other documents, at least 50% of the report should be original and in your own words. • One Document – Everything should be on one document (Text, Tables, Financial Statements). • Limit Bullet Points – Most of the report should be text..


Financial Statement Analysis
Institutional Affiliation
Financial Statement Analysis
Grubhub Company
Company Overview
Grubhub Inc. was founded in 2004 as an online food ordering and mobile food delivery company connecting restaurants to hungry customers. BKS operates as a bookseller and is also a content and commerce company. GrubHub's online and mobile ordering platforms allow customers to order from more than 80,000 takeout restaurants the whole of the United States. Every order that the client places is supported by the GrubHub's 24/7 customer service teams. The company has physical offices in Chicago, New York, and London. 

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