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The Development Economics of Sri Lanka Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


The goal of this assignment is for you to get to know more about one developing country. As such, the first step of the assignment is to choose a country from the list provided on Google Docs. Each student should pick one country that nobody else has selected. I chose Sri Lanka!!!!
For your chosen country, each student should prepare a two-page development overview. This is primarily a collection of facts about the country, and a contextualization of the facts. So, it is not enough to just say the poverty headcount ratio is 23%. Students should compare the poverty rate to its neighboring countries, and/or that country's recent history.
Here are some topics for which students may collect information:
− Poverty rates (demographic and/or geographic distribution)
− GDP/capita
− Education rates (literacy rates)
− Geographic overview (advantages and limitations as it pertains to development)
− Health outcomes (average age, expected lifespan, infant mortality, HIV incidence, etc.)
− Industry overview (primary industry, main exports/imports, etc.)
− Historical and institutional context (colonial history, wars, prominent religions, revolutions, etc.)
Good sources of information for this overview include:
− national statistical agency of each country
− World Bank's World Development Indicators
− CIA World Factbook − United Nations Statistics Division
− United Nations Human Development Reports
− The Economist
Essays should be formatted as follows:
− 12 pt font − Double-spaced
− 1” margins
− References should follow a widely accepted standard.
I recommend the APA style o Tutorial: http://www(dot)apastyle(dot)org/learn/tutorials/basics-tutorial.aspx
− Overviews should be about 2 pages long
− Assignments should be turned in online to the turnitin assignment on Blackboard
Essays will be graded on the following criterion:
− Breadth of information covered
− Contextualization of facts
− Accuracy of information presented
− Clarity of presentation


The Development Economics of Sri Lanka
[Student's Name]
[Institutional Affiliation]
[Date of Submission]
The Development Economics of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka borders India and Maldives. It became a republic in 1972 under the commonwealth (International Business Publication, 2008). There are a number of developments that have been witnessed over the recent times in the social, economic and political development. The paper reviews the poverty rates, GDP/per capita, education rates, geographic overview, health outcomes, industry overview and historical and institutional context.
Poverty Rates
Sri Lanka has improved its poverty rates from 15.2% to 8.9% between 2006 and 2010. The government is striving towards achieving the millennium goals. Further, it is documented that the urban poverty has improved from 6.7% to 5.3% while in the rural areas there is an improvement of 15.7% to 9.7%. This is a great milestone compared to what is projected towards the millennium goals. India has 21.9% poverty rate while the Maldives has 15% (OECD, 2013). This then shows how Sri Lanka economy is growing fast due to its low population.
GDP/Per Capital
In an average percent, the GDP is 30% compared with that of the world. Until 2016 the GDP has been $1491.24. The maximum that has been recorded is $3759.20. India has an average GDP of 6% to 7%. 2016 the GDP of India was at $6616. This was the highest recorded and indicates how the population of India is affecting much the average GDP. Maldives on other hand has recorded GDP OF 28% and it is further is documented that 60% is foreign influenced GDP (OECD, 2013).
Education Rates
Education literacy of Sri Lanka by the year 2015 was 96.3%. This is far much above the standards compared to neighbors like India which was 74.04% and moldings which was by 2015 at 87.3%. Education in Sri Lanka is free as per the constitution. This has helped in making literacy leve

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