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The Development of Brazil. Business & Marketing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


You will have to choose a developing country and research the general growth and development of this country. You should Include the data on growth and other key development indicators like literacy rate, GDP, infant mortality rate, HDI, etc. You may also briefly cover some of the various development . topics for that country (education, health, infrastructure, and/or other topics covered during the semester and any other special issues for the specific country that you choose). This short paper should be between 3-5 pages in length, 12-pt Times New Roman and double spaced. You can choose whatever referencing style you prefer but stay consistent throughout the paper.


The Development of Brazil
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The Development of Brazil
Geographically, Brazil occupies a more significant fraction of the South America Continent, covering 48% of the area. It also includes islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Although the country has many characteristics of a developed nation such as being the leading economy in South and Central America, Brazil is mostly considered a developing economy; due to its low gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, high infant mortality rate, low living standards, social inequalities, and other factors ((Litschig & Lombardi, 2019). A developed country should have a higher GDP, low mortality rate, and better living standards.
As of 2018, UNESCO established that the adult literacy rate of Brazil was 92.05%. More women than men were literate, a phenomenon observed only in a few countries. Often, men have a higher literacy rate compared to women. 

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