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Staffing Plan for a Growing Business Business Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Scenario 2
You are a former certified education administrator who departed your former position to become the owner of a small, in-home day care consisting of you and a part-time assistant where you care for children from age three (3) to age ten (10). Over the course of time, your demographic population has increased due to significant business growth that has resulted in many families relocating to your area. With more businesses projected to move to the area and the building of new housing developments, it is projected that this growth could be long term.
You have decided that this is a good opportunity to expand your day care business as you have received many inquiries for childcare. In order to comply with your home state regulations, you will require a larger facility and will need to hire additional staff in order to sustain the larger demand for day care. This staff will consist of five (5) Certified Day Care Professionals, one (1) Registered Nurse Professional, five (5) After-School Assistants, and one (1) Office Support Paraprofessional. You have secured approval for a bank loan and qualify for future loans for future expansion if your current endeavor is successful. Meanwhile, the state in which you operate has requested that you provide a staffing plan before it will issue licensure for your expanded capacity.
Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of these assignments.
Select one (1) of the scenarios and write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:
Identify two (2) types of staffing models that could apply to your chosen scenario and determine which model would be best suited for efficiency, productivity, and possible future growth. Examine the significant effect of each identified staffing model on processes that may be occurring within the organization (e.g., outsourcing, contingent workers, consulting firms, etc.).
Predict the major potential legal issues that you may encounter when establishing equal employment opportunities and diversity within the workplace while still aiming to acquire employees with the needed certifications and credentials. Next, explain the method of achieving transparency within your staffing model. Justify your response.
Specify three (3) tasks that you need to perform to identify, analyze, and develop job requirements and task statements that you will include in formalized job descriptions. Next, predict the frequency with which you would need to review and adjust these job descriptions as your company progresses. Provide a rationale for your response.
Describe three (3) methods to deal with high employee turnover and the availability of employees with required knowledge, skills, or abilities. Next, describe the primary manner in which the described succession-planning methods would be beneficial to your company. Justify your response.


Staffing Plan for a Growing Business
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Staffing Plan for a Growing Business
One of the most significant assets for a growing business is its human resources. Investment in human resource needs requires a practical approach to ensure that the staff provides for the needs of the company. Developing a strategic staffing plan and decision making strategies enable the growing business to account for demands and ensure that each works in a position that is likely to catapult the company towards achieving its goals and visions. At the initial stages of a business, recruitment may seem like an easy task since new companies only require a few workers to stay operational. However, as the business grows, need arises for expansion of staff, and recruiting qualified individuals while adhering to state policies might be a difficult task. The situation is no different in the case of managing a growing daycare business. It needs a comprehensive staffing plan which includes using

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