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Create an Abstract Ready for Submission to a Conference (Research Paper Sample)


For this assignment, choose one of the conferences that you researched in Week 3. ((Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing III. (2017), IRRC2017 | 2nd International Resource Recovery Conference. (2017), or Nanotechnology in Medicine II.) Choose any of your previous research papers in your area of specialization.( (00052672, 00052877, or 00052886) Convert this paper into a research proposal for submission to the conference.
Create a three-part paper, in which you:
1.In Part 1, outline all of the requirements for the submission of abstracts in the conference that you chose.
2.In Part 2, convert your previous research paper into a research proposal abstract using all the guidelines from part 1. Be sure that your submission is at least one (1) page long.
3.In Part 3, reflect on this assignment. How difficult was it to create a research proposal abstract based on a previous paper? Based on previous conference proceedings for this conference, how do you think your abstract measures up? Do you think your abstract would be accepted for presentation at the conference?
Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University's Academic Integrity Policy.


Create an Abstract Ready for Submission to a Conference
Northcentral University
Part 1: requirements for the submission of abstracts in the conference
Authors are requested to submit abstracts to the Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing III (2017) conference and are advised to submit the abstract online as a Word File either (.doc or .docx). A download the abstract template is available and authors are to follow the guidelines before submission. The abstract ought to include an introductory statement outlining the study and may include the methodologies used as well as the study findings. The abstract should be carefully proofread and should not include any mistakes
All the work submitted should be original and should not have been presented in another conference. Abstracts are to be written in English and the abstracts will have a minimum of 1 page. The author needs to create an account from which they can send all the abstracts to the conference and the submission is made online. The author will also introduce the proposed abstract while explaining its relevance and unique aspects. The author will also address the significance of the Conference themes in the paper and there is no need to separate the text. If the abstract includes tables, figures, images or tables that emphasize certain aspects of the text, this will be in black and white. You may include key words and references at the bottom.
Part 2: Proposal abstract
This abstract delves into the link between research and innovation in engineering. Assessing the research impact and impact of research evidence is prioritized, with the metrics being identified to categorize the impact of research in the field of engineering management. In synthesizing the evidence the sources of information identified were selected based on relevance to engineering innovation. Even as few studies evaluate the effectiveness of peer reviewed journals in advancing knowledge this is a topic with far reaching consequences among experts, scholars and practitioners. Research highlights that hands-on training is crucial to improving reproducibility and this is especially when creating sophisticated technology products.
Business innovation in engineering and manufacturing spurs the translation of research evidence to a

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