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Current Issues: Women with Disability (Research Paper Sample)

Top of Page >> Assignment 4 In Assignment 4, you will begin the research that will lead to your PowerPoint presentation that will be shared and reflected upon by your classmates. Think of this project as a \\\"thesis\\\" that will be presented for your classmates to learn from as you will share your PowerPoint on the course site. Select a disabilities topic that is a current issue related to disabilities of interest to you for your research. You will need to do some research on this as it must be a current issue! Some ideas are universal design, visitability, architecture, inclusion of people with disabilities in the media, employment, assistive technology and education. Your research also needs to apply to 1, 2, and 3 below: 1. The impact on Disability Rights 2. Current societal perceptions and the need for change 3. The relationship of the topic to the definition of disability studies, as provided in Assignment 1 Questions Points Question A: Identify two topics you are interested in exploring for your PowerPoint assignment. Describe how each topic you chose relates to each of 1, 2, and 3 below: 1. The impact on Disability Rights. 2. Current societal perceptions of disabilities. 3. The relationship of the topic to the definition of disability studies, as described in Assignment 1. 10 Question B: Research five websites and/or articles that apply to each of the two topics you chose in question A. Provide the web links and article citation (APA style not required) AND a one-two sentence description of how each of the resources you found relates to each topic AND to the following below (similar to question A): 1. The impact on Disability Rights. 2. Current societal perceptions of disabilities. 3. The relationship of the topic to the definition of disability studies, as described in Assignment 1. You will have a total of ten (10) web resources and/or articles for this Question -five resources for each topic. 30 My Topics Abuse in Women with disabilities 40 http://disabilitystudies(dot)syr(dot)edu/resources/violenceandabuse.aspx http://www(dot)psychologytoday(dot)com/blog/talking-about-trauma/201308/abuse-women-disabilities http://pvamag(dot)com/pn/article/3195/abused_women_with_disabilities http://tva(dot)sagepub(dot)com/content/13/1/15.full.pdf+html http://www(dot)ilru(dot)org/html/publications/readings_in_IL/abuse.html Issues Surrounding employment for persons with disabilities http://digitalcommons(dot)ilr(dot)cornell(dot)edu/edicollect/1288/ http://digitalcommons(dot)ilr(dot)cornell(dot)edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1288&context=edicollect https://litigation-essentials(dot)lexisnexis(dot)com/webcd/app?action=DocumentDisplay&crawlid=1&doctype=cite&docid=52+Vand.+L.+Rev.+769&srctype=smi&srcid=3B15&key=d79f5125f24eef1f4b07712d1773450e http://www(dot)bls(dot)gov/news.release/pdf/dissup.pdf http://www(dot)whitehouse(dot)gov/issues/disabilities Simi Liton\\\'s of disability studies. Disability study reframes the study of disability by focusing on it as a social phenomenon, social construct, metaphor and cultural utilizing a minority group model. It examines ideas related to disability in all forms of cultural representations throughout history, and examines the policies and practices of all societies to understand the social, rather than the physical or psychological, determinants of the experience of disability. Disability studies both emanate from and support the disability right moment, which advocates for civil rights and self determination. This focus shifts the emphasis from prevention/treatment/ remediation paradigm, to a social/culture/political paradigm. This shift does not signify a denial of the presence of impairments, nor a rejection of the utility of intervention and treatment. Instead, disability studies have been developed to disentangle impairments from the myth, ideology and stigma that influence social interaction and social policy. The scholarship challenges the idea that the economic and social statuses and the assigned roles of people with disabilities are inevitable outcomes of their condition. Disabilities studies definition (assignment 1) source..

Women with Disability
Issue One
People with disability have had rough patches meted out upon them for a long time. Disability is viewed as a weakness in the society, where most of them are regarded as lesser person from all aspects spreading from the social to economic. The negative views have taken a turn from just viewing them as weak and made them targets of violence and abuse. While the men are also abused, the women and children have had to bare the blunt of these barbaric treatments. Some of the articles that relate to the topic on violence meted out on the women with disabilities are as follows;
Disability Studies. (2013). VIOLENCE AND ABUSE. Retrieved from
This article is a compilation of annotated bibliography of several articles that the violation of the sexual rights of the disabled women. The article illuminate on the perception that the disabled should be protected legally from the abuse meted out to them by the society, which by extension relates to the definition of the disability studies.
Muller, R.(2013). Abuse of Women with Disabilities. Retrieved from /blog/talking-about-trauma/201308/abuse-women-disabilities.
The article shows that the disability rights should be refined further to provide better protection. It brings out the high number of women with disabilities that are abused in the society according to the statistics. This article defines disability with reference to the various groups of interest such as the researchers and the activists.
Nosek, M, A. (2010). Abused Women with Disabilities. Retrieved from
The disability rights should be tuned to cover prohibition of sexual favours through exploitation. The article indicates that more than two thirds of the women have at one or the other been subjected to abuse, with majority related to sexual violations. This is a social dimension of the definition of the disability studies.
Myers, L.(2005). People with Disabilities and Abuse. Retrieved from /html/publications/readings_in_IL/abuse.html.
The report mechanisms for the kind of abuse that the disabled women succumb to, still need to be addressed with finality. The article relates to the disability studies with close reference to discrimination, abuse and exploitation, indicating the way society relates with its disabled persons, given that the support services are on their knees.
Plummer, S, B. & Findley, P, A. (2011). Women with Disabilities' Experience With Physical and Sexual Abuse: Review of the Literature and Implications for the Field. Sage publication journals , 13(1), 15-29. DOI: 10.1177/1524838011426014.
The disability rights have failed to reduce the abuse rates, as is indicated in this article which relates to the higher risk that the women with disabilities are exposed to as opposed to the r...
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