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Performing Arts Research Paper: The Love Portion (Research Paper Sample)


Consider our class on Propaganda and Advertising and all of its ingredients.
Find a product (can be a fictionalized product), plus a type of audience, and create a NARRATIVE pitch to sell it.
The "product" can also be an idea (like in Triumph of the Will)
Know your audience, (doesn't have to be necessarily be for the masses).
HAVE a compelling VISUAL COMPONENT that illustrates your vision of the ad that would be posted as a billboard, or perhaps a mood board / story board for a commercial, (like in Mad Men's "Mark Your Man" pitch)

Write out the language of your pitch (500 words), coupled with visuals.
The final can be turned in as a series of slides on Canvas.

-As a genuine ad pitch, leaning into a human story the way Don Draper in Mad Men builds a story.
Take us on a journey, create an intimate human story where the "product" is really a bi-product of this story (like with Don Draper's "Carousel" pitch below)
-Create your pitch as a satire, exploiting the formulas of advertising and propaganda, and go wild, absurd, and outrageous with the journey you take us on, utilizing all the ingredients we notice in ads and propaganda.

And most importantly, don't forget to have fun with it :)


A Perfume Ad
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The Love Portion
The biggest mistake that can happen in a marriage or a relationship set up is being accused of cheating. Most victims are often men whose partners accuse of having affairs with other women. If there was a way, women could tie men to an invisible pole to ensure they are faithful; they would gladly do it. But technology has devised a way to do that through the use of a unique scent for every person. This narrative represents a pitch on how I will sell a special perfume that has a unique fragrance for every woman or man.
Women like owning something fully, and men also do. However, women are the most scared in a relationship that their spouses are cheating on them with other people. This has made them go for spy software that does not help save the situation since a person easily knows when their phone is being monitored. Others might even have an extra phone number that their spouse does not know about which they use to communicate with the people they have extra affairs. But this perfume does not give room for mistakes.
This perfume will have a shouting description on top of the can that reads “1 in a million.” One represents the

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