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Research and Analyze a Movie. Analysis of the Bird Box Movie (Research Paper Sample)


Research and analyze a movie of your choosing, arguing that your selected film represents innovation within the medium. Your analysis should reference elements of film "The Language of Film", "Sound and Editing", and/or "Narrative in Film". In what ways does your chosen movie thwart expectations or use the elements of film in an unconventional manner? Was the attempted innovation a success? How do you know?
You should find 3 to 5 pieces of original academic or journalistic research to help inform your perspective and support your argument. Note that scholarly research is almost always professionally published: a book is a good bet. Google Scholar is also a good bet. Online versions of newspaper articles are okay, depending on the source.
You should refer to quotes and/or paraphrasing with in-text citations from your sources throughout the paper to support your argument where appropriate. Citations should use APA format. At the end of your paper, a full list of cited sources should appear on a Works Cited or References page.


Bird Box Movie
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Analysis of the Bird Box Movie
One of the most intriguing and scary movies of all time, is Netflix’s Bird Box written by Josh Malerman (Lee, 2019). This is a post-apocalyptic horror film revolving around Malorie (Sandra Bullock) who finds herself in the middle of an apocalyptic attack. The attackers, unknown, affect those who look at them in plain sight, although they are invisible up to a point they approach the victim (Prior, 2019). Once the victim sees the ‘beings' they are coerced into committing suicide, as seen with Malorie's sister and others soon after visiting the hospital for Malorie's pregnancy check-up, eventually causing a mass murder of the human race. Malerman has managed to capture the viewers’ attention at the very first scene where Malorie is seen talking to some individuals who are not revealed. However, their identity is shown a few minutes into the film. Malorie appears harsh and commanding, saying words like, "….if you take your blindfolds off I will hurt you…", only for the viewer to realise that she is talking to two little kids who are barely six years of age (Brody, 2019).

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